Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Batuuan Spira unboxing. Cool memento or hundred greenback paper weight??

Taking a better take a look at the reloadable reward playing cards in galaxy’s edge additionally identified Batuuan Spira.


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Zombie Outbreak Control Center
January 20, 2020

if they are re loadable. can you buy a used one and re load? or is it linked to the card that purchased it?

January 20, 2020

If your going to spend 100 dollars you might as well get it

Isa Marron
January 20, 2020

Do you have to pay $100 then you can add money to the gift card or is the minimum $100 to add to the gift card

January 20, 2020

Thank you for the video. I just received Batuuan Spira giftcard from a friend. Would you happen to know how to add funds to it? Do I need to go to the Disneyland to upload funds, or can I do it online? I've been searching around online, but can't seem to find any specifics. Thank you.

January 20, 2020

Sorry I am late, you are awesome

Jazza Gazza
January 20, 2020

I appreciate u for spending money on these stuff for us to watch and enjoy but I appreciate if u can get me a temple guard lightsaber

Joseph Alvarado
January 20, 2020

Where did you get this?

Rescue Ranger
January 20, 2020

For the record, the writing on the coin is in Aurebesh which is the font of choice in Galaxy's Edge and Star Wars universe. The vertical writing translates to "BSO" which I assume means "Black Spire Outpost". The diagonal writing translates to "Spira".

January 20, 2020

I mean if you’re gonna spend $100+ dollars at Galaxy’s Edge anyways, might as well get one.

Red Raider274
January 20, 2020

So cool.
Are you going to get the darth Vader legacy lightsaber

David Håkansson
January 20, 2020

You are good

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