Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop computer 2019 Unboxing & Fingers-On

Mi Gaming Laptop computer 2019 refresh unboxing and hands-on assessment. New Intel Core i7 9750H and 144hz display. I’ve the complete spec 16GB, 512GB NVME Nvidia RTX 2060 model. Higher than the 1660 Ti model for that 144hz display. I purchased the laptop computer from right here:

01:22 – Unboxing & weights
02:11 – Construct & design
06:35 – Home windows 10 in Chinese language
07:08 – Benchmarks & data
11:25 – Thermals & fan noise
12:20 – Speaker pattern
12:58 – RTX benchmark
14:37 – Switchable GPUs
15:01 – First impressions
15:25 – Execs & Cons

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Comments (35)
January 20, 2020

01:22 – Unboxing & weights

02:11 – Build & design

06:35 – Windows 10 in Chinese

07:08 – Benchmarks & info

11:25 – Thermals & fan noise

12:20 – Speaker sample

12:58 – RTX benchmark

14:37 – Switchable GPUs

15:01 – First impressions

15:25 – Pros & Cons

Milan Lisica
January 20, 2020

Its made from "mittal"

January 20, 2020

6:40 Wait, why should most people want to upgrade to windows 10 Pro??? That makes no sense at all!!

Pol Ska
January 20, 2020

I had 1300 points in r15. Same processor but in msi laptop.

The Kraxskull
January 20, 2020

anyone else here cuz of the love of xiaomi products?

Bunny Dubuu
January 20, 2020

Can you do some xiaomi laptops vs Helios 300 or Lenovo Legion y540

Indoril Nerevar
January 20, 2020

If you're in China you can get this for just over 1kUSD

January 20, 2020


Wa Eslamah
January 20, 2020

I have got the highest spec Mi gaming laptop 2018 version a year ago after I have watched TechTablets review on it which was awesome. and still working like a charm. rarely had any problems with it although i am putting much load on it such as engineering simulation which used 100% CPU and ram for weeks , still it went above expectations .
-Mouse pad is awesome , it is one of the best mouse pads i have ever experienced, no other mouse pad that I used ever gave me the same great feeling.
-These Hinges are hella strong and didn't lose its strength with use and time .
-Keyboard wonderful took time to get used to it but i its very good keyboard , but makes u not used to other standard keyboards.
-Speakers are good.
-Battery is not that much though but can last for a movie or two.
-Screen is decent , no complains.
-Its a conversation starter , everyone gets attached to its minimalist and decent design and never would have guessed that Xiaomi made such a powerful device.

P.S. I have literally abused that laptop , used computing intensive engineering programs while using a 100 tab google chrome and played some games at the same time. Poor laptop <3. I don't think any other laptop would have withstand such load with such speed.

Greg arious
January 20, 2020

Solid analysis, cheers

Mohsein Haron
January 20, 2020

Xiaomi notebook pro enhanced edition review please..

Константин Малеваный
January 20, 2020

Hello. I'm have are 1 question, how many physicial core in her cpu?

cat funt
January 20, 2020

hahahahahahahahaha i started laughing when you said it doesn't have type c lol

Josue Villasante
January 20, 2020

16 min and you will make another video for the same laptop, man this is waste of time. Thank you

Ameer Syazly
January 20, 2020

Now I wonder, does Xiaomi refresh their Mi Notebook Pro model? 🤔

Jan Carlos Castañares Zemelka
January 20, 2020

great video! Did you manage to measure the color gamut?

Phattarapol Simla
January 20, 2020

How much price?

January 20, 2020

In china it costs a mere £800 but i still cant afford it

roberto leon
January 20, 2020

Great Video! What I am seeing is that the GPU clocks are 1100 MHZ for this RTX 2060 when they normaly are 960MHz. Did you overclock the gpu?

ZiYi Li
January 20, 2020

My friend purchased this laptop when it first dropped and I'm planning on buying this model as well.

Regarding the fan noise, the fan is only noisy on Turbo mode. Normally the fan is pretty decent quiet with out Turbo and keeps the RTX 2060 below 68 degrees on max load at full speed without overclock.

Turbo mode is very loud and only needed if you want to drop the RTX to like 55 degrees on normal speed, or if you want to overclock

Joni Farizal
January 20, 2020

do you actually use that pencils?

Lieutenant Molotov
January 20, 2020

How are they selling the 2060 cheaper than the 1660ti ?

January 20, 2020

ips or tn screen?

Michael Mao
January 20, 2020

China uses both 2-flat-pin and 3-pin power socket. The 3-pin one is the same as Australia and New Zealand. What you received is the model for China.

iAm OverWatch
January 20, 2020

I wanted to know how much you paid for this? I was attempting to do the conversion.

David Linajes Carrion
January 20, 2020

Hello, I'm still waiting for your complete review, I also wanted to ask you about the battery, I don't remember where did I read about the battery being soldered, is that true? , hope you can answer soon, thank you.

Joe Pettegrew
January 20, 2020

looks like a rebranded msi gs65

Mohamad Fairuz
January 20, 2020

Or at least a 120hz display panel.

whiteMug collectives
January 20, 2020

Is there an option to turn the side lights and the keyboard lights into plain white color?

Jack liu
January 20, 2020

"Love that there's no flaming red dragon" lol shots fired at msi

Андрей Хачатурян
January 20, 2020

it’s funny that he put out all the boxes that he had at home, even from the clock … why is there no box from the refrigerator and microwave in the frame?

Bhagath Krishna
January 20, 2020

What about its price

January 20, 2020

do you make giveaways?

Franz Leslie
January 20, 2020

nice another device that can collect my data and send it to china

January 20, 2020

No thunderbolt…disappointing.

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