MEN'S Fragrances CHRISTMAS Reward Information 2019

Right here’s a Christmas reward information of my prime cologne picks for males. Get pleasure from!


1. Memo “Irish Leather-based” –

2. Carner “Palo Santo” –

3. Chanel “Attract Homme” –

4. By Kilian “Vodka On The Rocks” –

5. Nasomatto “Black Afgano” –

6. Tom Daxon “Cologne Absolute” –

7. Mont Blanc “Mont Blanc Explorer” –

8. Le Labo “Tonka 25” –

9. Byredo “Black Saffron” –

10. Penhaligon’s “The Tragedy of Lord George” –

*All views are my very own. This video is NOT sponsored.

“TOP 10 COLOGNES for MEN Autumn/Winter 2019” –




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Judd Pubpanon
January 21, 2020

I'm so surprised the first bottle you mention is Irish Leather! Wonderful and so underrated scent. I have a sample of it and it reminds me of Frederic Malle's French Lover. I don't have any of the two but I think I'm going to have to make a decision on one soon. 

Have you tried French Lover? From my vague memory, I think I love the opening of Irish Leather much more; FL's opening is harsh to my nose, but perhaps a winner as it dries down. I would love to know what you think between the two.

Really enjoy the list, and I'm your new subscriber! (:

Fragrance Dawg
January 21, 2020


January 21, 2020

👏🇨🇦🗣 Susbcribed after our chat on instagram and happy that I found your youtube channel. Great content and I feel that I will have hours of great content to watch in 2020.

January 21, 2020

Cool video idea Josephine. Big fan of Black Afgano so loved hearing your thoughts on it. Hope you're having an awesome Christmas!

Just Add Light
January 21, 2020

Black Afgano 👍👍👍 Luckily for us in Canada…the wacky tabacky is legal, so why not just get him the real thing? 😂😂😂 Long live Lord George!!

The Scenturion
January 21, 2020

I love penhaligons my favourite is uncompromising sohan,great selection and beautifully made video🙏

Carlos Cruz
January 21, 2020

Great picks 👍🏽

pardeep singh
January 21, 2020

Dior feve delicious my favorite

Jorn Vingerhoets
January 21, 2020

Really great video I really need to try the penhaligon's collection but they are so hard to find here in Belgium

January 21, 2020

T’es mignonne

Jimmy McWatters
January 21, 2020

My top Christmas designer fragrances in no particular order which have gotten me compliments are:
1. YSL La Nuit de L'homme (Love that warm seductive cardamom note)
2. D&G The One EDP (Love the Tobacco and amber notes)
3. Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme (Love the tonka bean and mint notes)
4. Rasasi Hawas (Similar vibe to Invictus by Paco Rabanne)
5. Versace Eros (Love that playful apple, mint and vanilla notes)

Not too big on niche fragrances due to the fact their scents are more unique (which is awesome) but most people find them too potent or not attracted to the scent. I rather go with sexy smelling and mass appealing fragrances although I do enjoy a few niche (e.g. PDM Layton, Rehab by Initio)

Great vid! Love from Costa Rica! 😉👍🏽

January 21, 2020

The new Demi Rawling is coming, mark my words…
P.s. I love the way you pronounce parfums…

January 21, 2020

Great video. I personally would pick Memo's Winter Palace over Irish Leather. Subbed!

Oliko Kopysova
January 21, 2020

now I need urgently find a man who like perfumes and start experimenting with him:)) as always, a pleasure to listen to you and learn something new😍💘

Adnan Abdullah
January 21, 2020

Mate. Properly nice.
Loved it.

CaLi Reviews
January 21, 2020

I like vodka on the rocks but the price is something I question considering how short lived the longevity is af least on my skin but it definitely has a classy feel to it

steve jessemey
January 21, 2020

I must be totally honest here. I really loved listening to you . This might sound strange, but what I truly can’t stand is a fragrance reviewer who keeps saying ummm and ahhh all the time . Bravo 👏 my dear 🙏🎄🎁🥳

Aemer Lodhi
January 21, 2020

Another great video and some very good suggestions. Would be great if you could review Xerjoff fragrances and Bvlgari Le Gemme men’s collection

Ritankar Sasmal
January 21, 2020

u are really good at french pronunciation. Did u learn french? Also i would recommend u trying these niche scent for winter if u can(these are some i am wearing most this winter from my collection). memo italian leather my fav from the leather line, chanel coromandel edp, kerosene unforsaken, Jovoy(paris brand-whole line is great) psychedelic and pavillon rouge, Jerboam(in house brand of jovoy) miksado, Amouage interlude man, Tom ford tobacco oud, Dior oud ispahan, tom ford noir and creed bois de portugal/royal oud. I am sure u would like many of them…they are some of my favs 🙂

January 21, 2020

I’m dumping my friends for ones that will gift me By Kilian and Nasamatto frags.
Interesting picks particularly the Black Afgano, which some consider challenging. I find Pardon and Baraonda from the line intoxicating.

Equilez Stealth
January 21, 2020

Love Your Vibe. I Love Irish Leather

Tyrone E
January 21, 2020

Great suggestions.

I think dumb reach types (D&G The One, Mugler Cologne, Bleu De Chanel or almost any "Blue" fragrance) are great gifts.

Also discovery sets are awesome gifts.

Mark Folson
January 21, 2020

Another great video. Memo is a house I want to try soon, same for Nasomatto. Le Labo seems too expensive for what it is and I don't seem to have found something for me yet, but I'll keep sampling! 🙂

Fragrance Enthusiast
January 21, 2020

I really liked and enjoyed your suggestion of Mont Blanc Explorer. Taking care of those that might find some of the other choices a little eye watering… Always very special to see an intelligent, classy video from you. Thank you.

Cici Loves
January 21, 2020

Love your choices and descriptions. Off the beaten path and we sure do appreciate it.

January 21, 2020

Well done descriptions and interesting choices not to mention that you’re pretty easy on the eyes as well ; )
You may be intrigued by “Frederic Malle” and “Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier” fragrances as I am.

Scentitar Fragrance
January 21, 2020

Love your work and passion. Vodka on the rocks is a great one for sure !

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