Sharing one of the best winter equipment – boots, hats, gloves, and scarves!
1. Beanie:
2. Goal Cream Beanie:
-matching mittens:
3. Blush pink beanie with gray pom:
-matching gloves:
4. Gray Beanie:
5. Walmart (Free Individuals dupe) Beanie:
-matching scarf:
-Free Individuals (fleece lined) model:
6. LOFT Pink beanie w/ pink pom pom: (code WELCOME30 for 30% off)
7. Headband: (comparable)

Goal pink/gold mittens:


1. taupe boots:
additionally right here:
2. Brown boots: (on sale!)
3. Sperry boots:
-pink model right here:
4. Pink/cream Sperry boots: (on sale!)
5. Helly Hansen boots:
additionally right here:


1. Pink + Gray Plaid:
2. Free Individuals Scarf:
3. Goal Buffalo plaid scarf:
4. Pink Windowpane Scarf: code WELCOME30 for 30% off
5. Vacation Plaid Scarf: code BUNDLEUP for 40% off
6. Impartial scarf:
7. Brown Windowpane scarf:
8. Leopard scarf: (comparable linked) (code BUNDLEUP for 25% off)
9. Pink Leopard/Plaid scarf:

I additionally personal/love these and with my transfer into my new condominium, these acquired misplaced within the shuffle and located them after I filmed! Verify these out too!
– H&M impartial beanie:
-J.Crew cream ribbed beanie: (code BUNDLEUP for 40% off)

this pink beanie is in my cart:
scarf in my cart:
prime quality UGG gloves:


what i am sporting:
gray turtleneck:

social media:


on a regular basis make-up I am sporting:
primer: (code LACEANDLASHES for 20% off your order)
setting powder:
eye primer:
eye shadow:
eye liner:
mascara primer:
lip liner:
setting spray:

coupon codes:

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Comments (46)
Csilla Nyíri
January 22, 2020

Dear, could you please measure the length of the Harlow footbed? What size are you wearing? I own two Sorel boots in two different sizes and can't decide which size to order for this one.
Thanks a lot!

January 22, 2020

I Calgary, Alberta..its freezing here -20 C! Love this video!

Ashley Mireles
January 22, 2020

The intro to this freaked me out. I thought I accidentally hit something on my laptop that was making things go too fast. 😂😂😂

Pricilla Rodriguez
January 22, 2020

Theres this brand called Love your melon. They sale PHENOMENAL hats. Half of the proceeds go towards cancer research. Maybe a video on products that give back and are great gifts/quality

lisa krupsky
January 22, 2020

Live in ny:) same here

Leanne W.
January 22, 2020

I live near lake Tahoe California. Love my Beenie and
Shiny vest with my uggs
High 70 low 30 right now

safy abbas
January 22, 2020

You are so beautiful and I like your hair so beautiful👍👍💖💖💖

Ara South
January 22, 2020

Where did u get the first beanie??

Hind Harris
January 22, 2020

Oh boy !! I moved from CA to Idaho and now it’s snow… it’s an adjustment but I like all the suggestions! I just bought the pink sperry…love all your videos and your style .. thank you so much!!

January 22, 2020

I loved those beanies so adorable what do you use to film what lens? Love the quality of your videos

Marilyn Hodgkinson
January 22, 2020

Hi l love the pink leopard scarfe.Also those scarves are all really lovey. Living in Australia we are in Spring which it can be cold one day and hot the next. At the moment l am wearing silk scarves which still keep you warm and look pretty. Can't wait for Summer. Love those boots.Thanks so much for sharing xxxx

Pam Sloan
January 22, 2020

So cute!

Watermelon Gal
January 22, 2020

Love all of these winter accessories! I need to get myself another boot, scarf and head band or hat. It's always super cold where I live so like you've said good to have options!

Fina Fukushima
January 22, 2020

The weather is getting so cold where l live. This video was SUPER helpful

Fina Fukushima
January 22, 2020

Thank you so so much for this video. The boots are my favorite content just because l never know what to wear on my feet that are warm and stylish at the same time. Love this

Michelle Zeledon
January 22, 2020

Quick question how do you store all of your Winter accessories

Momof5 Family
January 22, 2020

Can you do other boot hauls
For just cold weather hot necessarily snow or rain


Alexandra Bernal
January 22, 2020

Where did you get the grey cardigan! the one you wore while trying on the scarves is so cute!

Alexandra Bernal
January 22, 2020

ugh! unfortunately, here in Jersey there's still warm weather! I'm anxiously waiting for fall weather! my absolute essential are SCARVES!

January 22, 2020

Just bought the SOREL ash brown boots and they're thee best ever! Don't regret getting them and will defintely be living in them this fall/winter season in Milwaukee! Thank you so much for sharing them! 🙂

caitlin webster
January 22, 2020

I live in buffalo ny, it’s already about 45° in the early morning/afternoon, so I love that you’re already talking about winter attire. I can’t watch these winter hauls for people who live in LA, it’s ACTUALLY cold where I live!! Thanks for posting!!! Love your videos💕

January 22, 2020

I’m in California the weather has been perfect during the day but in the morning and night it gets chilly 🥶
My must haves are beanies, scarves and boots lol give me all of it‼️
I also need a gray beanie 🙌🏼
The weather gray taupe boots and sperry boots are so pretty
Loved all of the scarves 🧣 ‼️

Sarah De
January 22, 2020

Hello, thank you for the winter acessories video. ☺
Love a good beanie… definatly gonna pick up the Gray beanie. ❄
It's chilly here in London, defiantly fall jacket and a scarf for style but also to have warmth in the early colder mornings.

Tabi Littlefield
January 22, 2020

I live in Maine, so I don't have just one must have winter accessory… I need them all! I do swear by LL Bean boots, though. I'm convinced they are the best. Thank you so much for doing this video! I loved everything you showed. My favorite piece was the "Christmas plaid" scarf! I LOVE that print!

Sara Alhanbali
January 22, 2020

Love it! Can you film a Zara haul please?

January 22, 2020

Where in PA do you live near?? I used to live right on the border of NJ and PA!

January 22, 2020

Do you live near Philly?

Debbie Bloodworth
January 22, 2020

GREAT Winter pieces👍

Lauren Brown
January 22, 2020

The target beanie is so amazinggg! My sister talked me into getting it while out shopping and I'm so glad. Best quality beanie I own – so warm!!

Rosa Gomez
January 22, 2020

It’s in the mid 90’s here in South Texas.

Samantha Danner
January 22, 2020

Las vegas. Its in the 70s and 80s. But it gets in the 60s in the morning and thats cold for me😂 haha im a whip comes to the cold . love this video

Lora Lee
January 22, 2020

I live in So CA where it’s 85 today but I still enjoy watching your videos with scarves, boots & jackets. 😁

January 22, 2020

We don’t live too far from PA so it’s nice hearing all the recommendations. I want to go back to NYC in Dec. to see the Rockefeller center Christmas tree. What else do you recommend? What Christmas shows are there?

The Cat Lady
January 22, 2020

I wish it were cold enough here in Southern California. I can’t wait until it cools down. It’s just that the weather is between 85 to 95 this week so there no way I can wear all the cute beanies and scarves just yet. 😭

Best of Brianna
January 22, 2020

Love this video!!

Keisha Thornhill
January 22, 2020


Pamela Bowling
January 22, 2020

💕 your videos always so cool 😎 can’t wait to see your decorating ones😊

January 22, 2020

Soo many cute items! Love this && my favorite color pinks 💕💕 Thanks for sharing! 🥰🥰🥰 & all the boots are gorgeous

Sydney J Ealy
January 22, 2020

Your hair is goals and I love beanies on you! Unfortunately I live in the valley of az and it’s still 90 haha

kat hart
January 22, 2020

I do hope that fur is Fake

January 22, 2020

I live inland between San Diego and LA, and it's going to be 89 degrees today. The forecast for Tuesday is 96 degrees. I love it. I also love your videos!

Kristin Petersen
January 22, 2020

Team plaid all the way!
So are you taking that new closet system to your new place?
So excited to see it all come together!♡♡♡

Simply Silent
January 22, 2020

Lovely accessories! Great video.

Kim Belford
January 22, 2020

So im in south Florida we are supposed to be cooling down by now to 70s however unfortunately we are still 80 and 90s and humid

January 22, 2020

Love your video! Where is your grey cardigan from when you show us how the scarfs look on you? Looks so comfy!

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