My Favourite iPhone 11 Equipment!

Exhibiting you a few of my favourite iPhone 11 equipment!
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Comments (47)
Colorful Meta4
January 22, 2020

:watching and listening to video wearing those same Sony headphones:

January 22, 2020

Hello. Excellent video. I was just wondering, the private screen protector come in a full screen??

Windows 7
January 22, 2020

You are just like Justine lol at the glass protection

H20 AllNetCiTy13
January 22, 2020

Do they work it’s the IPhone XS Max?

Debra Dukes
January 22, 2020

Jenna Awesome Video and definitely enjoyed.Congrats by the way glad to see you doing Tech as well love that there are more Women joining love that .Truly well done Deb 😉👍✌

January 22, 2020

Lol I am getting the iphone 11 pro for my birthday and getting to sony wh1000mx3(maybe) and i already have the dji osmo mobile 3

bill bragg
January 22, 2020

Jenna is so beautiful she is my YouTube crush

riley busse
January 22, 2020

How the hell do you have phones randomly stopped working that must be a faulty unit that you get in on time because you constantly have problems i've never ever had, for technology not yet in the 23 years I've been alive I've never had problems

Zamwa Ahmed
January 22, 2020

9.50 use the bluetooth remote shutter….me ejects spen and click.

Isaiah2103 Olson
January 22, 2020

It's the new Apple Switch

Kitchen Eight Cafe
January 22, 2020

You're gorgeous Jenna.

Samson O.A
January 22, 2020

You should try the nuraphones for noise cancellation

Brandon Pagan
January 22, 2020

The Sony wireless earbuds are like $230 and how is it that she doesn’t know how to ever put on earbuds with isolating tips

Saturn Devoid
January 22, 2020

My phone is naked and the screen hasn’t scratched yet -.- I use it all the time

January 22, 2020

Thanks Jenna for your recommendations, I may have to get the screen protector for the iPhone 12 I plan to get next year, I have an XR but the screens been naked since day one so not worth it anymore. I may also have to put that game pad on my Christmas list for Santa 🙂

Kenneth Cox
January 22, 2020

I know it’s wreck less but I hate cases

Blu Steel
January 22, 2020

the drone is definitely the Mavic mini Justine was flying(and crashing)

January 22, 2020

The controller can use it on cod mobile game?thanks iPhone user here btw

Gregory Tiyun
January 22, 2020

Passionately watching this. But I don't even have an Iphone 😭
P. S done subscribe 😘

Gaming With Brando
January 22, 2020

IJustine was spying

January 22, 2020

Me still watching on iPhone 6😓😓

Cyber Reeper
January 22, 2020

WH-1000XM3 and WF-1000XM3 on iPhone. Respect.

Nick Silva
January 22, 2020

Jenna is so cute

Junior Hastings
January 22, 2020

10:49 Does game pad works on iPhone 8 plus?

dodge viper GT
January 22, 2020

U remind me of Dave 2d

SBC Gaming
January 22, 2020

Where are AirPods Pro?!!

Clarissa Carmichel
January 22, 2020

So I just realised that you have a channel I have been subbed to your sister and I always enjoyed when you appeared in her videos

KillMillion1 Ttv
January 22, 2020

Hey big head

asmard tech
January 22, 2020

youre face looks old. you look matured.

Zakaria T
January 22, 2020

Do you have airpods pro

Crime Pays
January 22, 2020

Damn u are so beautiful!!!

Alexis Zee
January 22, 2020

new to the channel great. video something totally different …I love you special guest Matty

Mr Thawf
January 22, 2020

Why do you look like ijustines sister?!

January 22, 2020

This is the best screen protector! It doesn't leave that annoying gap on the sides of the screen and also covers the entire notch. NO issues with face unlock or cameras. It actually looks like I DON'T have a screen protector on. Also, works with cases that raise around the edges to protect the screen.

January 22, 2020

Why is she the brunette version of iJustine.

Dragon Girl
January 22, 2020

Jenna: I think this makes it harder
Also Jenna: Never mind I’m awesome
Me: 😶

Isa fl
January 22, 2020

My iPhone story

I got my mom’s old iPhone 4 when I was 10

When I was 11 I got the 8 plus on Christmas

Then a year and a month later I lost it on the beach

Later that day my mom gave me her iPhone 6 with a broken and a pirate screen and that same day she buyed the iPhone X ( for herself )

A week ago I just got an iPhone 6splus that was from my aunt .

Btw I’m 12 years old 🙃

Irak Brambila
January 22, 2020

That controller was cool!

Jean Grey
January 22, 2020

Im still using the iphone xs max 🥺 but im gonna get the 2020 iphones tho

Timothy Aguilera
January 22, 2020

Lol 😂. It’s works hell yeah…!!

Charles Wendt
January 22, 2020

I have used iPhones for years, never use a screen protector never shattered or scratched the screen.

Albert X
January 22, 2020

I so want to pull that shirt in place

January 22, 2020

Jenna. I don't want to be mean…..but….your sister is a annoying self obsessed whelk and you need to just get a job in Walmart. You'd be a lot happier.

Ni Hammad
January 22, 2020

Flying the mavic mini 🤫

Black Out
January 22, 2020

I don’t see a wee 2 app in the App Store

Christian Verteramo
January 22, 2020

Notice how on every video Jenna releases she says hey guys welcome to a new video

January 22, 2020

Watching the phone almost drop made me lose my breath 😂 7:24

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