Helpful Equipment for the 16" MacBook Professional!

Apple in November launched the 16-inch MacBook Professional, a substitute for the 15-inch MacBook Professional. The brand new MacBook Professional includes a bigger show, a brand new scissor keyboard that is extra dependable, Ninth-Gen Intel processors, and better space for storing and RAM.

For these of you who lately bought a brand new MacBook Professional, we did a roundup of Mac-related equipment that you just would possibly discover helpful!

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Apple Extension Cable –
Incase Icon Lite Backpack –
Native Union Stow Sleeve –
LaCie 20TB 2big Thunderbolt 3 –
Logitech MX Keys –
Logitech MX Grasp 3 –
Logitech MX Palm Relaxation –


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nije Gari
January 22, 2020

"1000$ for a 20tb dock and 2k$ for an 8tb Mac you can see savings of 1200$" yeaah its not like for the 1200 differences that you mention you also get a laptop

January 22, 2020

Awful ‘recommendations’.

January 22, 2020

It's sad that pretty much every "review" channel has become a funnel for bullshit Amazon affiliate links. Sooner or later the only place to buy anything will be the cancer that is Amazon.

January 22, 2020

A "first-party cable"… Apple's cables are trash (most of the time).

Ramon Morales
January 22, 2020

This is mainly an infomercial ☹️

Andy Bulka
January 22, 2020

An i/o adapter to get SD-card and USB-A connectivity etc. would have been my #1 accessory need – yet this was not covered?

Bryan Hu
January 22, 2020

actually the storage update is not that steep, if you compare it to the equivalent samsung x5 drive

errin nirre
January 22, 2020

I like that you include the power cord. It seems to be boring but it’s really an essential gadget.

That’s A. Moret
January 22, 2020

The twelve south book book for the 15” MB Pro works with the 16”. 💥

Braiden Brousseau
January 22, 2020

is there an accessory that makes the screen not ghost :p

Hassan Anis
January 22, 2020

Why does your voice remind me of Mark Zuckerberg? 😅

January 22, 2020

The Ember Mug² is my favorite accessory while working at the computer.

Tony Burton
January 22, 2020

You should check out Waterfield Designs:

January 22, 2020

Does any extension cable from a previous macbook pro connect onto the 16 charging brick with no issues?
I have one from my 2012 macbookpro

Ron Epstein
January 22, 2020

I miss your OS X app recommendations. You guys don't do it regularly anymore.

René Henrich
January 22, 2020

0:37 Why would you recommend an original Apple extension cord? That's just an extension cord, even the connector is the same as on other electronics. It's literally just an extension cord and buying a third party one will be just as safe as any other cable carrying power in your home.

Jerry Gutierrez
January 22, 2020

Just bought one a minute ago

Pig E
January 22, 2020

Would love to see more case videos. Hint hint..

Rick Boyett
January 22, 2020

I'd really like to see a full docking station like the CalDigit TB3 that also delivers the full 96Watts of power you get from the power brick. There are some outlier use cases where you could end up drawing power from the battery or experience throttling without the extra juice.

Caldigit says that the current TB3 will be capable of 87Watts of power but only after they do a firmware update.

Also, the sleeve is kinda lame for the price IMO, but Apples leather sleeve is even more lame.

Player One
January 22, 2020
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