Should Have Equipment for Nintendo Change LIte

Listed below are among the finest Equipment for Nintendo Change LIte.

8Bitdo SN30 Professional Controller (US):

ButterFox Change Lite Case (US):

Nintendo Change Lite Twin USB Playstand (US):

Anker PowerCore 20100 (US):

Nintendo Change Lite Pores and skin (US):

8Bitdo SN30 Professional Controller (UK):

ButterFox Change Lite Case (UK):

Nintendo Change Lite Twin USB Playstand (UK):

Anker PowerCore 20100 (UK):

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Comments (26)
Sub to Pewds
January 23, 2020

I have a good one:

Buy a regular switch for the love of god

January 23, 2020

The decal I think is a must-have. I got a red rose decal from that site and I love how it looks on my Lite. It definitely gives it a unique look. I used DecalGirl for my 3ds XL too and I'll probably use it for any of my future consoles.

Mystic Evo
January 23, 2020

I want white skin!!!!!!

The Creole Hippie
January 23, 2020

Omg i need to make mine white as well, it reminds me of my first gameboy advance

Nintendo Switch Lite Gamer
January 23, 2020

Any joy con drift anybody?

Granny Gums
January 23, 2020

This skin gives me psp vibes 🥺

bomb the bannerji
January 23, 2020

Love everything about the vid, except the intro…… SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!

jeff martin
January 23, 2020

Wait you can use, Motion control supported controller?

Max Isenberg
January 23, 2020

the sn30pro you're showing is an older model…

Danica Rose Valdivia
January 23, 2020

Can i also use my anker powerbank the regular one like the 13000map? Or only one that u said?

Ariel Balbalosa
January 23, 2020

Why everybody right now play their switches while it's charging. Playing while charging will do a damage to battery right?

Yordi -
January 23, 2020

He plays fortnite. Dont watch this vid

January 23, 2020

How the hell are you going to charge the joycon controllers!? Smh

January 23, 2020

the white skin looks horrible XD

Brandon Y
January 23, 2020

Some suggestions:

1. Use a Dbrand skin since it actually covers the corners
2. Get the SN30 Pro+ instead
3. Get a Satisfye Switch Grip Lite Elite Bundle instead

eric shun
January 23, 2020

I was gonna go buy it but I saw all my friends getting joycon drift, and it turned me off. Its not too bad on normal Switches but still cost 70$ per joycon. Might just save up for a normal switch.

Nick C
January 23, 2020

Why doesn't the USB cradle come with the Switch Lite. We have to rely on Hori to make something separate for what should come with the system. Hori is still a good brand and is officially licensed by Nintendo, but it just adds confusion to the mix.

Gary Nunes
January 23, 2020

i use this as my case: and it is on sale right now too

A Casual Gamer
January 23, 2020

That white Lite skin looks so clean with the white buttons! Might have to look into that if I get a Lite 😄

Christopher Tang
January 23, 2020

Do people who own a Switch Lite even consider buying extra controllers and USB stands? If the intent was to use the switch in a non-portable fashion, the regular switch would have made more sense.

January 23, 2020

I use a Samsung wireless charger via USB to charge mine

Glenn Verbiest
January 23, 2020

What is thé name from thé first person shooter game?

January 23, 2020

Stock gray white color scheme looks much better than the decal.

Felix Baier
January 23, 2020

Little side info. If you search around a little bit in anker Powerbanks you can find their 20000mah. Yes it is 100mah smaller BUT it got their Power IQ 2.0 tec which is amazing. It fast charges everything (super fast) and it's the same charging tec like in the Original Nintendo branded Powerbank. I don't know about you but this gives me a save feeling because of the special way the switch is charging, because it has a secret PD protocol that's only Nintendo knows .

Ari Palefski
January 23, 2020

Cool video

January 23, 2020

i dont like how it looks with the white skin

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