Present information for males 2019 | What to get the person in your life for Christmas.

Good day y’all welcome to my YouTube channel! I hope this video helps you determine what to get the person in your life. I’ve the whole lot linked down beneath, and keep in mind with the Sous vide cooker you’re going to have to purchase another issues to go together with it however you may simply make whoever you’re shopping for it for get all of the extras if you need. Don’t overlook to observe me on my IG: Heatherhydee

Charging pad:


Therma pen:


Grill grate:

Sous Vide:

Harrys razor’s :

Harrys taming cream:


Grill brush:


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Brittany Vinson
January 24, 2020


Christina Jenkins
January 24, 2020

This is such a cute video!! 🥰 I just subscribed to your channel, hoping we can support each other! 💕

Nicole Wilken
January 24, 2020

Great finds especially the charging pad I need to get Scott something like this. Tfs ☺️

Josie L
January 24, 2020

These are so many great ideas for men. My husband and father in law loves to grill so I might check that therma pen out and the grill brush! Thanks so much for sharing!!! 💕💕💕

January 24, 2020

Ahh you did this! I was really hoping you would. I have been looking for a wireless headphone for a while, I might be actually buying these for myself haha. I was satisfied just watching you pull that plastic off 🙂 If Josh really didn't watch this he is the best ever, Brian would totally have watched it hahaha. I am buying Brian that taming cream now, I trust you on that stuff especially. This was a great video Heather!! So many awesome ideas. I am coming to Alabama to eat with you after hearing about all of Josh's new cooking gear haha.

January 24, 2020

First, you look so pretty! Second, I didn’t know how much I needed to see this. I’m totally getting Frank that charger. These are all great ideas! I do have a picky man on my hands. I wish I could get Frank to grill more 🤣

Simply Sheen
January 24, 2020

Great ideas Heather!!! Thanks for sharing 🤗🥰

Angela Zapata
January 24, 2020

That charging pad is neat!! Those earbuds are cool!! That’s crazy that it has a charging case!! My hubby is a grilled!! Sunglasses are a great idea! I was thinking about getting him some shoes…Hats are great! I’m sure he’s going to watch this video because you’re asking him not too😂😂

Simply Nour
January 24, 2020

I bought my man wireless headphones and a duffle bag! I feel like anything electronic and anything that they can use for everyday life such as a bag, you can never go wrong with! Great video. Gave me some awesome suggestions on what to buy for my dad. New subscriber! Hoping we can support each other 💞

January 24, 2020

These are great gift Ideas heather! I like that you have the links provided. I will be getting the portable charger for my husband and the grilling accessories for my brother. Thanks for sharing.

Styled by Rosario
January 24, 2020

That charging pad I need myself 😂 oh girl he’s going to watch this video 😂 he’s gonna sneak lol kimono dragon 😂😂 yes it’s hard to buy for men ! Picky men ! My ex was so hard to shop for ! Lol

Lamia Peace
January 24, 2020

These are definitely some great ideas! I may have to use some for my husband!

Bradley B.
January 24, 2020

Cute guide! I always make my husband send me Christmas list as a starting point. TFS!

Chloe Ellyn
January 24, 2020

Great video! So many good ideas 💖🎄

Simply Mel
January 24, 2020

This is awesome, I do love those ear buds ! Oh I think I want a therma pen for myself ! Awesome ideas 💗

The Grateful Fam
January 24, 2020

Hi Heather! You found a lot of good finds! It is hard to buy for men. I just bought him the men dove kit. I want to check out those seasonings. Thank you for sharing Heather🤗💖

Briana McLean
January 24, 2020

Girl sooooo hard to buy for men. Especially my hubs 😂 I love these ideas 😍 I’m definitely going to look into the phone charging station! I wish Nick liked to grill more than he does so I could get him those things 😂

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