ULTIMATE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019 Children + Ladies + Males + Extra…

Hey mates! In case you are nonetheless in want of some reward concepts, I’ve bought ya coated! Every thing is linked beneath!

TODDLER / KID : 3:09
Music band:
Magic Mat Set:
Hape Trike:
Bounce Home:
Flat Swing:
Children Walkie talkies:

WOMEN / GIRL / LADY : 6:23
UGG Slipper:
Lake Pajamas:

Facial Steamer:

MEN / DAD / DUDE: 13:38
AirPods Case:
Shave Set:

HOME: 12:02
Glass Espresso Mugs:

Espresso Cup Hotter:

RANDOM: 15:42

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Comments (46)
Anna Waldman
January 24, 2020

You mentioned on your other channel that sourdough bread doesn’t hurt your stomach like regular bread. This is because it’s fermented so the parts that make people sick are not as prevalent. People used to eat only sourdough and didn’t have issues with gluten because of it. It’s only been since mass produced bread that isn’t fermented that gluten issues exist.

Ashley Ansley
January 24, 2020

I just love you and your family. I have really enjoyed Nest-miss this year your channel is awesome both of them I just love watching you and your family. Thank you thank you.

Lidia Płonka
January 24, 2020

I came to your channel cause i watched movie about adoption Rosie and i was so moved that i had to say something to You. I cried, i still cry, it is so beautiful what You did. I don't have a possibility to do the same but i would love to. You are a hero for that liitle angel and You are a hero for me. Sometimes i hate people for what are theh doing, for all the hate that they create. But when i see people like You- i start to belive that people are awesome 😊 there are no words that i could exponse my admire to you. You are just great, just be like You are for ever ❤❤❤❤❤❤p

Marcia Gratz
January 24, 2020

Dang girl! you always look soooooooo AWESOME!

Suzanne Shirley
January 24, 2020

Favorite gift I received was a photo book from each of my parents with their life history. It is priceless!

R Myrick
January 24, 2020

Just out of curiosity, is the necklace you have on in this video the state of Alabama?

Miriam Bucsa
January 24, 2020

Hi, I just want to say that you are really great mother and you have a wonderfull family.I'm really happy to know you and you're family on YouTube.💜I really respect you and in the future I want to be a great mother like you💕
Sorry for my english😅
From Germany🇩🇪🇩🇪

Shi Anne
January 24, 2020

My mum gave me a grain of rice that had my name and dob written on it, it was in a tiny water vile on a keychain! #bestgiftever

Marin ‘t Hoen
January 24, 2020

Favorite gift given: tickets to a comedian for my brother and his wife to go with my husband and me. This comedian was my late fathers favorite. It was very well received.

Favorite gift received: Great quality hairdryer when I was 15 from my big brother. I had it for 10 years!

January 24, 2020

According to my family the best gifts I ever gave were 2-3 pound bags of homemade granola/snack treats – such as a dried pineapple/coconut date one I called tropical paradise – and another that I made that I called New England Treasure – made from maple sugar, walnut pieces, raisins, dried apple pieces, and another ingredient I don't remember offhand. Along with that I usually included homemade spice blends either for cooking or for using in an infuser type of thing and which usually included cinnamon, cloves, orange peels. At the time I was raising my son and homeschooling him while scrubbing floors for a living and putting myself through college and honestly couldn't afford a thing. Today – I still prefer giving something I've made myself – it may not cost a lot but it is something I took time and effort to make and contains a lot of love for that individual.

April Lynn
January 24, 2020

My favorite gift to give was a white elephant gift, and it was a beta fish 🐠🤣. Any gifts related to pampering myself are my favs!

April Lynn
January 24, 2020

New sub here. Something about you and your channel feels so refreshing and somehow slightly different from others, in a good way!! Happy to have found you and loved the ideas!!

Chrissy Paske
January 24, 2020

I am the "family picture taker" so every year I take the highlights and make a photo calendar for Grandma for Christmas. The whole family waits for it and love looking through it. That is my favorite gift I give every year.

Erica Goehring
January 24, 2020

The favorite thing I have ever given was a saxophone for my husband. He never had the opportunity to take lessons as a child, and it was so fun to surprise him!

Alexis Murray
January 24, 2020

The JVIGUE Large water doodle mat is on sale. If you use the code:
70PVB5X4 It brings the price from 25.99 to 7.09

Ashley Berg
January 24, 2020

My favorite gift to receive are my absolute favorite slippers! Sheepskin mule Womens Minnetonka Moccasins. I like that they back has a tiny lip to keep my foot in place- the backless ones tend to make flopping noises, which drives me bonkers, and the ones with full backs tend to make me too hot. We live in Minnesota and I literally wear them ALL year long, but never outside. I wear them from the minute I get home to the minute before I have to put actual shoes on. I wear them so much holes typically appear in the bottoms after 2 years of use. I'm currently trying to squeeze a 3rd year out of my current pair… we'll see how that goes! My favorite gift to give children (especially one of our 4) is art supplies or some of thing to keep them active or busy. I love to gift experiences, but with being in the current season of life we're in it's a hard thing to follow through on them unless they're at home "experiences". Like Kiwi Crates- they're fabulous and we get them monthly. I recently discovered Craft and Boogie monthly kits via instagram and am eager to try those with our kiddos too! Love your family, Angela!!! Truly one of my favorites! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you!

Jessica Moran
January 24, 2020

Favorite gift… When I was a kid my sister and I would run down the hall on Christmas morning to see if Santa came. One year, he left us a kid indoor tent that was already set up. We were so excited.

January 24, 2020

The Best gift I giving is to fly to the US to spend Christmas with my fiance ♥️ and it was Also the Best gift I Got to spend the time together ♥️ I wish We could affort to see each other again for Christmas, hopefuly next Christmas 🤗

Kelly Sites
January 24, 2020

BEST gift I ever received was a trip for my husband and me to Cancun for a week- and they watched our twins. UM, AMAZING. We had NO IDEA- and I felt horrible when my sister opened her sweater from me 🙂 The best gift I gave- my husband is hard to buy for, but one year I got him Beats earphones and he uses them DAILY. It makes me so happy. I also LOVE to get books for Christmas.

Mari Puranen
January 24, 2020

A person who doesn't really need anything, I love to gift a solidarity gift or a tree (for example via Treedom)… So something that benefits our planet or people in need, and doesn't bring useless clutter to gift receivers home. ❤️

I would also love to receive a gift like that myself! The best gift I ever received was a tiny notebook where my husband wrote all our old love emails by hand. ❤️ I also always appreciate lovely dark milk-free chocolate and a bottle of good wine.

Kayla Martell
January 24, 2020

My hubby and I just adopted a baby girl and I’d love your thoughts for unique or memorable ways to remember our first
Holiday together! Gifts, activities, etc 🙂

Jhon Bhai
January 24, 2020

Very nice

Carmen B
January 24, 2020

Can vouch for the ugg slippers! Have had two pairs over about 5/6 years! Wear them everyday, all year round. Love ‘em.

January 24, 2020

I cant think of a favorite gift since my family always gives each other great gifts all year, and now that were older we buy ourselves the items we want. A present I would love to give or receive is a family trip in lieu of a "normal" Christmas celebration. My mom and I would love that, but all 4 others poo-pooed the idea.

Valerie Kathmann
January 24, 2020

Given – things the made my kids light up . Got – my engagement ring . I love vacas as gifts as well cause it not a thing “ making memories.

Paul Sharon
January 24, 2020

My favorite Christmas gift was the birth of my Great-Grandson who is the only boy out of 5 Great-Grandchildren. Favorite gift to give was a doll my Granddaughter asked for and I was able to find.

Paul Sharon
January 24, 2020

The cabinet in the background is so beautiful. I would put a microwave in and a small fridge as well as a coffee maker so that you are ready for anything.

Katelyn Cell
January 24, 2020

You should call the office/shed/she shed “The Nest”

Faith Through Arrows
January 24, 2020

Banana peal 😂🤣

Mary Starnes
January 24, 2020

My favorite gift I’ve ever received was my dog. He was a little puppy when my mom gave him to me for Christmas in 2017 when I was a junior in college.

Rebecca Carroll
January 24, 2020

Hey sweet friend, keep up the hard work… You and CR are a great example of cultivators, great to learn from you.

Tom and Mic Hoover
January 24, 2020

The best gift I’ve ever received was a t-shirt quilt that my mom made for me the Christmas before I went to college. She had saved shirts from my whole life, from the shirt I wore home from the hospital when I was born to the acceptance shirt from the college I chose. She even sewed the quilt herself. I absolutely love it and use it all the time. Giving my mom a laptop one Christmas was really fun because she got so excited!

Shona Baxter
January 24, 2020

My favourite gift I received is my Nespresso coffee machine!!!! Use it everyday and it’s saved me $$$ on takeaway coffee ❤️

Andrea Combrinck
January 24, 2020

The best gift I have ever given is a painting I did for my boyfriend, who is an airplane enthusiast. Painted a plane from ww2. He loves it. Best gift I've ever gotten is a gift card to a pretty expensive Art supply store… Artists dream!

annegelle anar
January 24, 2020

I like thi video you made for gifts guide.

Hickory Root Farmstead
January 24, 2020

The best gift I’ve received is definitely my 808 Bluetooth speaker, it made washing dishes fun!!!

Stefanie Bishop
January 24, 2020

My favourite gift I’ve given is a portrait of my little sister for my mum. Hand drawn by a local artist and framed beautifully. She loves it and it’s so special.
The best gifts I’ve received is more of a tradition that my husband and I do, we give each other a handwritten note every birthday and anniversary, I treasure the notes from my husband more than anything else.

Hillary Mulder
January 24, 2020

My favourite gifts I have ever given was our “pregnancy reveal” gifts at Christmas with my 2nd child!

January 24, 2020

I’m loving your hairrrrrr!!!

Hannah O'Reilly
January 24, 2020

I wish the necklace came in silver! I’m the type of person who can’t mix metals (my wedding rings are WG). These are all great ideas! Thank you!

January 24, 2020


Stephanie Kittii
January 24, 2020

The best gift that I ever gave was a scrapbooking album that I made for my mother-n-law of my kids. We don't see her often due to the distance/ her age so for her to get the album and see how the kids had changed and our youngest(who she had never met) grow through pictures was one of the greatest gifts she had ever gotten. My best gift has always been and always will be one I do not have to purchase for myself. 🙂

Laughter In The Trenches
January 24, 2020

Yeti mugs are also a good gift. They keep the coffee warm for a long time and you can get a vinyl monogram for it to make it even more personalized.

Markie Brown
January 24, 2020

My favorite gift I’ve received is either my first PJ’s set OR my mustard sweater that I saw on your channel and just had to have! My favorite gift I’ve given is cloth diapers for my little niece!

Holly Hannigan
January 24, 2020

I think the piano is actually Baby Einstein 🤷‍♀️.

Amanda Harmon
January 24, 2020

The best gift I ever recieved. I got married Thanksgiving weekend 2009. I was gifted a big bag of gift bags, bows, boxes, name tags and tissue paper. None of that we had starting out for our first holiday season

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