My Passive Revenue Area of interest Web site Is Slowly Gaining Traction!


On this video i share my stats for my passive earnings area of interest web site.


My #1 Advice To Make a Full-Time Revenue On-line.



Disclaimer: To help the channel a number of the hyperlinks above could also be affiliate hyperlinks. Statements on this website don’t signify the views or insurance policies of anybody aside from myself. Beginning a enterprise takes laborious work and dedication… Please don’t purchase my merchandise if you don’t intend to place within the effort or in case you are in search of a ‘get wealthy fast’ scheme (Trace, they do not exist).


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  • April 4, 2020

    Looks like we're on similar paths. I've been researching a little on affiliate/cpa marketing trying to decide the best way to tackle it. I have no desire to do websites, but I want to do affiliate marketing/cpa. However, it seems like we need to have just a basic site even for that so I'm considering doing just a few page site to have all my info for the niche and then doing the offers through paid ads as well. I'd love to see more on the cpa/paid ads and how you're tackling that.

    April 4, 2020

    I'm reading a book by Nina Amir: How to Blog a Book. It has given me some ideas … along with learning about Niche Websites.

    1) Nonfiction Writers should put ads and affiliate links on their blogs to make money from their readers. They can have one blog per book, one blog per niche for articles, and one blog per course or YouTube channel.

    2) Authors should create at least one separate website just for their free fiction. They can then make money from readers by placing ads on the website, and by using affiliate links. They can have one blog per genre/niche so readers know what they're getting. They can also have one blog per book, one blog for writing lessons or writing advice, etc. and one blog for their YouTube channel.

    3. YouTube Channel/Video blogs can have a transcript of the video for those who want to read it. (News websites do this, so why not author/writer YouTube/Video bloggers?) These blogs can have ads and affiliate links to make money from their readers. (YouTube Channels can make money twice from their videos.)

    I think that an Author's main blog/website shouldn't have ads. And they could have some free reads on it as well. But they can have the other blogs with ads and affiliate links, and give readers the option to visit them ore not. And having free reads on those blogs that aren't on the main website/blog could get readers to check them out. The reader would be paying the author for their free reads without donating any money through PayPal.

    April 4, 2020

    I can relate to your apathy towards the website thing, Paddy. Over the years I've built more websites than you can shake a stick at in all genres. Out of all those, only 2 sites pay me a passive side income and I haven't touched them for months. A nice little earner, but it took 3 years of daily input to get there. I didn't outsource any work on those 2 sites, instead, doing all the work myself. The other sites I did use various writers, but that took the soul out it…and eventually, they petered out as my interest waned in them.
    Good luck with your website and CPA stuff. I've done CPA but it just didn't sit right with me for some reason. And finally, thanks for all your videos and courses…Great stuff!

    April 4, 2020


    April 4, 2020

    Love your transparency. Would love to see how the CPA is going. Thanks for a great channel.

    April 4, 2020

    I watch your video regularly and dally it for the next video. I am from Bangladesh

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