THE CLONE WARS – "Bombad Jedi" Review/Reaction!

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33 thoughts on “THE CLONE WARS – "Bombad Jedi" Review/Reaction!

  1. Sebee Duran-Lopez says:

    1:40 lol did you hear the rumors that he might be Sith? Also I see you havent reacted to the remake battle with Vader and Obi-wan. It's really good and I hope you watch it! It's on youtube 🤗

  2. Holland Fray says:

    My roommate and I have been binging this series getting ready for season 7. We got to the scene at 6:07 and she goes "Wow Padme's more flexible than I thought. Anakin must love that." And now I'll never watch this episode the same way again.

  3. Thaelion Duskvalor says:

    Jar Jar may not be Sith or Jedi… but i don't doubt for a second that he has some weird connection to the force just like Zayne Carrick… "The Gungan General" episode convinced me of it

  4. Jon Mercano says:

    Ono calls Jar Jar Master Bombad out of nowhere. They cut the dialogue that would’ve established that as his jedi name. As a kid I assumed he knew bombad was a gungan phrase and was complimenting him or something.

  5. InfinitySnapStudios says:

    I actually really liked this episode giving more character development for jar jar and padme……although it is not my favourite episode from the clone wars it is still a very fun one to watch.

  6. KYTEX GD says:

    I’ve noticed that you started watching Avatar the last airbender on your hubbies channel. Sadly it is unwatchable in my country, but I’m glad you’re finally experiencing that show. It’s gonna be great

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