A HERO FORGE GIFT! (Thoughtful) S3E22

In this episode of Wyrm Lyfe, Doug and Bobby open a gift from Hero Forge, NBC 10 News stops by the shop to film a segment, Ian impersonates a cricket, Doug calls Bobby a Catty B*tch, and Cesia and Liz compare their marquetry skills.

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38 thoughts on “A HERO FORGE GIFT! (Thoughtful) S3E22

  1. Mark says:

    I would have won that contest. No reason Liz couldn't have made a better vault than Cesia, espeically if were were looking at some of the very first vaults Cesia did. How did I know? They are all excellent pieces of work ladies.

  2. Mark says:

    Those look cool! It's a shame they don't paint them. It's really sad that you guys don't keep any kind of itinerary for the day so that you know, the freakin' media is showing up to showcase your company. Sad….

  3. GolbezSuccessor says:

    Poor JV. Never gets enough attention. Well happy birthday bud. Sorry it's 6 months late. That's life, am I right?
    Also I'm a sucker for lotuses. So both the purple and white lotus vaults were amazing in my opinion.

  4. Dreadnaught1985 says:

    I think I just found my favourite Vlog. You guys are fucking crazy.

    Great production value, in the editing, the camera work, the audio. You also all have awesome personalities and attitudes to your work. You're artisans but you're not boring and stuff. I wish all workplaces were like yours.

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