#109 John Deere 2038R Backhoe/ Using the thumb attachment

Today I’ll use my John Deere 2038R backhoe to demolish a gazebo, in this video ‘ll demonstrate how handy the thumb attachment can be. The John Deere 2038R backhoe made this demolition project very safe and easy.


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13 thoughts on “#109 John Deere 2038R Backhoe/ Using the thumb attachment

  1. Chuck man says:

    Another great video Bill. I was wondering, it appears you have the JD factory optional thumb, yes? If so, are there multiple holes to vary the distance in its opening size to the bucket? I'm looking at the BX thumb and that seems to be an advantage (other than price)

  2. C Dee says:

    Hi Bill. I really liked this video and I appreciate that you discussed the problems with log homes as I wouldn’t have known to consider that. FYI my wife probably won’t like you because I am now going to shop a backhoe for my 2032r because of your video here. Thanks again. Chris

  3. Houndsman One says:

    Great action Bill. Nothing like reclaiming land that the deck and gazebo once possessed. Surprising how damaged the logs were and damage wasn't even evident from the outside. At one time I was going to have a custom log cabin built until I saw the full-annual maintenance required from several YT'ers. We live in a heavily bug infested area and the bugs would have loved our new log home for a snack (smile). So glad we decided a custom-built brick veneered house. 10 years old this year and mortgage pay-off very shortly. We've been blessed and are so very thankful. Enjoyed a full-watch. Have a fine upcoming week. Stay safe.

  4. Ken Nolte says:

    I am in the market for a thumb for my subcompact tractor-backhoe. I haven't used one on a smaller tractor but on a bigger machine they are almost invaluable if you know how to use it. The 2038 looks like a nice size for many of the typical homeowner jobs we all do. Good video and some good comments on the log home maintenance. I have some friends with those and it does take some extra work.

  5. Stephen Rhodesian ridgeback 77 says:

    You had way too much fun ripping that apart .👍 Interesting about log homes . I hear people complain about flys living walls / cracks opening up / and bad drafts . Never thought about insects getting inside and you don’t notice .😳 . I need too find a demolition job for testing my grapple 😂

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