Star Wars Squadrons: 7 Ways It’s the Star Wars Space Combat You’ve Been Looking For

Being an ace pilot with a cool spaceship is as much the heart of the Star Wars fantasy as having a laser sword and a seventies feather cut, so no wonder that of all the kinds of Star Wars game it’s a perfect space combat sim we crave the most. Star Wars Squadrons might be it. Take a look at new Star Wars Squadrons gameplay and consider these seven ways Squadrons is the Star Wars space combat game you’re looking for.

Star Wars Squadrons comes out on release date 2 October 2020 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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Comments (41)
Ace Force Joint Combat Game Outlaws
September 27, 2020

Dose Star Wars: Squadrons have the option of flying with the outside view of the ship? I see it has the cockpit view when flying the ship. But can you fly the ship looking from the outside of the ship ????

September 27, 2020

"… And go back to our tedious normal lives…" x(
Exactly. xD

September 27, 2020

Bit disappointed that the B-Wing from Jedi isnt in this one!

Michael MacGyver
September 27, 2020

So it's Rogue Squadron with a big pinch of Elite: Dangerous????

September 27, 2020

I LOVED flying in Battlefront but I'm really bad at it… I CAN'T WAIT TO BE HORRIBLE AT THIS GAME FOR HOURS ON END!!!

September 27, 2020

I hate how good this looks. After the total lack of a story mode for Battlefront combined with everything Disney has done to ruin Star Wars I figured I'd never spend any more money on it but now I have to. Loved the Xwing/TIE fighter series back in the 90s and this looks like a true modernification of that. Wait, do I get to join the glowing tattoo secret society again? Force yeah!

Lon Chan
September 27, 2020

Are you trying to do a Jedi mind trick on me…?

Vigilante Caregiver
September 27, 2020

Just so long as story mode doesn't have IRL politics and I don't have to pay upwards of $3000 for the whole game – I'm good. Another good option would be to command a capital ship and order attacks, send out fighters, do orbital attacks, etc. would be excellent.

Justin *
September 27, 2020

Will there be a counter to help balance an eventual overpowered combo? Like the dumbass dual rifles and the sprint from CoD2?

Luis E Morales Falcon
September 27, 2020

I hope ships like the Tie Defender, Tie Striker and B-Wing appear next as well planetary battles….

Antryg Revok
September 27, 2020


Take That(tm)^2, Jane!!

Space DOES conduct sound!

Star Wars said so!!

: p

q :

: )

September 27, 2020

I'm cautiously looking forward to this

Kid Circuit
September 27, 2020

For the love of God, make a list for the top 7 video game dads

September 27, 2020

I am slightly miffed at the lack of the B-Wing and Tie Defender.

September 27, 2020

This is where the fun begins.

Stan Green
September 27, 2020

Damn, this game looks good! I'm intrigued to see how they're gonna manage the story of playing both sides, should be interesting

September 27, 2020

Reminds me a lot of Eve Valkyrie, anyone remember that one?

September 27, 2020

Worse than a Sherman? unlikely.

September 27, 2020

Will there be any white male human pilots?

Ulukai Azgard
September 27, 2020

oh please… this will probably show a screen saying "Insert £1 to play" when it starts. Basic arcade shooter. Star Citizen and Elite please.

September 27, 2020

There is Star Citizen but it’s not done. I can’t stand Star Wars anymore I hate it now.

Dustin Mills
September 27, 2020

TIE Fighter still the undefeated champion of Star Wars flight games

Robin Caster
September 27, 2020

Nice to see someone at Disney cracked a whip and made EA actually put some goddamn effort in.

Reno Adhabias
September 27, 2020

I really hope this game is really good because it's EA and dont make an EA move if you know what i mean

Herman Wong
September 27, 2020

i like the idea that when you put the vr headset on, your mind is transported to another galaxy where the action is happening and you take control of someone there

BigBad Spyder
September 27, 2020

I've got a list for you guys to do. Things a game wants you to be emotionally invested in, but you just aren't. My example: The companion cube from Portal, it's just a box and you don't even have it for long. Fine, GlaDos taunts you about it, but she does that about everything! I'm more concerned with avoiding a psycho AI gassing me to death who cares about some dumb box!?!
(And no, I'm not a heartless creep, I never harvested Little Sisters Luke)

Bill Cassill
September 27, 2020

I'm hopeful it will have some strategic value will measures and counter-measures. Not just a FPS with ships.

Lewis Albright
September 27, 2020

It would be cool if they added unlockable “Hero Ships” like the Millennium Falcon and Slave I

September 27, 2020

I was really hoping you'd be able to use the capital ships and the other bigger ships but I guess that's a no… damn still gonna play the game though!

Sir Ravix of Fourhorn
September 27, 2020

I didn't even know this game was a thing. I'm gonna have to keep my eye on this one…

Hardwood Foundry
September 27, 2020

But….where's my TIE Advanced at!?!?

Tim Jay
September 27, 2020

All I want is a lightsaber based single player driven story with a horizon zero dawn "weapon wheel" for lightsaber forms to switch forms midcombat with ease. With different primary uses & combo chains based on the different forms. And to have form 2 be a nonlethal takedown form to incapacitate enemies for a true "jedi run no kills".

September 27, 2020

Well first off, if EA puts every single "non-essential" feature, option, and customization behind paywalls and lootboxes on yet another Star Wars game, I swear to god…

Secondly, EA has basically taken their approach to space combat straight from a game called Elite: Dangerous. And I mean, straight from it: power management between the 3 core systems (engines, shields, and weapons); cosmetic items for your ship's dashboard including bobbleheads and little ship holograms; turning off flight stabilization at will to flip backwards to attack while in combat; choose a side to fight in battles between capital ships by defending or taking out enemy subsystems; the list goes on, except the list of things Elite Dangerous has that this game won't is even longer. Combat is only one of many different vocations or playstyles you can choose between, it takes place in the Milky Way galaxy that's populated by literally billions of stars that you can travel to and explore, and you actually definitely can get everything by just playing the game, no lootboxes in sight. Long story short, if you're into the idea of space combat but you're sick of EA's bullcrap and don't want to support them, play Elite: Dangerous instead. It's incredible.

September 27, 2020

They couldn't just update X-Wing and/or TIE Fighter as opposed to this grindy, multiplayer crap? Those games stopped being fun at some point, did they?

Ian Bright
September 27, 2020

What's the bet you can unlock things but then have to pay to actually utilise them. So it's like "Yay, I unlocked the Wicket bobble head by playing the game!" Now to equip it on my ship." EA: "That'll be $2 thanks."

September 27, 2020

Is it the Star Wars space combat that I've been looking for? Eh, sure. But is it the space combat that I've been looking for, minus the Star Wars qualifier? Absolutely not. Star Wars is about as far as you can get from realistic space combat. Star Wars ships fly like they're jets in atmosphere, not like anything in vacuum and zero g. I'd rather have something closer to The Expanse.

Mister Abbadon
September 27, 2020

Cautiously optimistic. All the features make it sound like the campaign will be very bare bones and easy, but the multi-player sounds fun.

September 27, 2020

Game isn't even out yet.

Pritesh Govindji
September 27, 2020

Whoop! Looks really good. Only issue is that once multiplayer is included, the single player option is left in the dirty. No updates, it's buggy, no new content/dlc's… all time and energy by the game dev is always put into multiplayer. 😑

Michael Warman
September 27, 2020

Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the PS2 had spectacular space combat. For that matter, nearly everything about it was good; when the recent Battlefront games came out, they really should have just been remakes of the previous ones, with improvements on the graphics and engine, multilayer, and more locations and story. Instead they stripped out nearly all the best things; space battles, galactic conquest, the ready availability of leaders, etc. For that matter, they also had the software and some of the team that worked on Battlefield; a remake of Battlefield 3 in a Star Wars skin (complete with BF3's excellent aerial combat), would also have been great. EA managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when they had all they needed granted to them on a silver plate…

B Fletch
September 27, 2020

Funny to see how optimistic everyone is about a new Star Wars game. We've learned nothing

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