ALL LEGO Creator EXPERT CARS 2008-2020

This video shows ALL Lego CREATOR EXPERT over the years 2008-2020 including the new Lego Creator 10271 FIAT 500

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Have a lot of fun watching and please let me know witch sets you have in your collection!

Thank you so much for watching this LEGO video.
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22 thoughts on “ALL LEGO Creator EXPERT CARS 2008-2020

  1. John Mihailovic says:

    have built the kombi, the mini,the fiat,the London double decker, the Harley and now building the Ford Mustang, my grand daughters play with these, whenever they visit.

  2. Gravity says:

    Sadly only have the VW T1, Aston Martin and the Mustang. Still hope to get the VW Beetle (not the 2008 one) and the Fiat. In my hometown is Germany's largest Toy wholesaler and they sell all products which are dropped etc for half the price; but sadly no one is dropping the good stuff any more :D.

  3. Orange Jacket says:

    I built a homemade ford pinto that is the creator size and it looks like it could be a set, it even has a play feature – when the rear bumper is pressed in the upper top and side panels and hood come off like it explodes 😛

  4. Blackkeysfan86 says:

    Aside from the Ferrari and the Mustang none of these screamed buy me. It seemed like many of these were targeted more towards the European market, which is fine! I’d love more muscle cars in the future.

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