Making a Gift for MichaelCthulhu – Part 1

MichaelCthulhu was the first ./person who got me interested in getting started in metal work, so I decided to make him a gift.

This will eventually be put up for charity auction on his channel, once it has been completed/sent to him.

Hope you enjoy!

MichaelCthulhu’s channel:

Music: O Fortuna (Carmina Burana) – Carl Orff.


gift watch for him

Comments (18)
Zombie Man
October 31, 2020

Seems like tha making of a voodoo metal doll hahah but it's pretty cool, our lord and saviour will be glad

October 31, 2020

That's a very mini buster sword XD

Ty Grenier
October 31, 2020

Neat idea, I'm sure it's gonna look great!

Dale Clarke
October 31, 2020

Loving the humour 😄 great video dude

October 31, 2020

Wonderful intro! Like the build as well, looking forward to the end result!

October 31, 2020

Another sub here from Michaelcthulhu's patreon 👍

Silly Sausage Factory
October 31, 2020

I too took my inspiration from Mike. You have a sub. Hope everyone can sub me. (evil laugh)

Rennis Tora
October 31, 2020

It's nice it's going to charity, but part of me hoped Mike would end up with a welding mask of his face.

Stephanie Dijkstra
October 31, 2020

I've jumped over from Michaelcthulhu's patreon. You've got yourself a new sub here!

October 31, 2020

Mike posted a link to this in the livechat he did earlier. the impression was spot on, the mask looks horrifying 😀
look forward to part 2

Gurvinder Kau1eß5w1
October 31, 2020

Already looking cool.cant wait to see part 2👍👍👍👍

Austin Hernandez
October 31, 2020

dude you are a true artist, the way you shaped the face was amazing love the vidoes they are informative and entertaining keep up the awesome work

Wade the Porsche Guy
October 31, 2020

Pretty damn cool!

The Falling pigeon
October 31, 2020

lookin' good!! cant wait for part 2 and keep up the amazing work!, also i need to get my priorities in check and sub to cuthulu!!

October 31, 2020

You crazy. Love the videos man. Keep them coming. You are doing great

Soggy Bottom Forge / Joe
October 31, 2020

Great build so far! Definitely looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

CJ Slomba
October 31, 2020

Dude this is so damn cool! Your ability to change gears in metal working is phenomenal!

None Nation
October 31, 2020

Bro, I love you goofy vibe

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