Lunch Ideas for TEENS and Older Kids ๐ŸŽ Bunches Of Lunches

Today’s video has ideas for teen lunches that were collected from members of the Fun AND Easy Lunch Idea Facebook group. Not a member? Join today!

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40 thoughts on “Lunch Ideas for TEENS and Older Kids ๐ŸŽ Bunches Of Lunches

  1. Mimyt says:

    Can you do my lunch please i am Michelle form Mexico
    Lunch=some tacos
    Fruit straberrys
    Vegtebal carrots
    Drink of tamarindo
    Snack cokies and anotarรฉ think that you like
    Please ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ

  2. karolcia says:

    Can I have request? I' Karolina from Poland ๐Ÿ˜ For main dish plain grilled cheese sandwiche, vegie maybe carrots and cucumber, treat cupcakes and for snack peanuts, drink healthy water โค๏ธ

  3. stephanie moss says:

    Hy hun thank you for the video as always I loved it and I think the sub lunch was maybe my best 1 although I did like them all. I wonder if you could possibly do some lunch ideas for a toddler about 18 months to 2 years old at all please. I love all your lunch ideas that you do so I do try to put some of them into his lunches sometimes but I'm not very good at it in fact I'm quite boring really haha. He loves tomatoes cucumber olives peppers all sorts and same with meat too he loves tasty slightly spicey meats. Thank you for all your videos hun and I love when the kids hands wave too haha so sweet.xx

  4. Nancy W says:

    Your lunches/snacks really inspire me. But I have a problem with the yogurt. My kids tell me that it spills all over the place. Do. you wrap the yogurt before closing it so it doesn't spill? Please let me know what I can do so that it doesn't make a mess. Thanks!

  5. princess Noor says:

    My name is noor I am from Arizona for the next lunch Idea i wanted it as dora theme so for hot lunch I wanted the shredded sesame honey chicken and for veggies I want to use a dora cutter and and cut the cucumber and some baby carrots and also to dip with ranch for snack I want some saltine crackers and chocolate muffin and for drink I want apple juice and water

  6. Javana Barber says:

    Btw i love your videos so much your kids are super beautiful and amazing like u your lunch is asome I wish I can see u but I live In Ausstrail I subscribe I tell all my friends about how good u are my sis sub to ya 3 of my friends love u so much and your kids as well

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