No Speed Champions Sets In 2021? What's Going On…

No Speed Champions Sets In 2021? What’s Going On…

So with all the 2021 news, rumours and set images emerging of all the new sets for 2021 but there seems to be no sets for Speed Champions for 2021 with no set . or set images coming out in the past few weeks making it look like we aren’t getting any sets in 2021 so I take a look as to why this might be the case for 2021 and what might be happening!

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new lego sets coming soon

30 thoughts on “No Speed Champions Sets In 2021? What's Going On…

  1. Nuff Mad says:

    I hope lego isn't gonna pull the plug anytime soon sense I'm thinking of buying more of these. I have McLaren Senna and might get Ferrari F8 and the double set with that Lamborghinin

  2. Fire Nation says:

    Hmm,that's a pretty interesting opinion 👍. Cars that I think will be in the 2021 summer wave:
    Lamborghini Sian FKP 37
    Chevrolet Corvette C8
    Ferrari SF1000 or the 2021 ferrari f1 car
    Tesla model S & X(or Model 3 or Y)
    Koenigsegg Jesko & CCXR

  3. Seb Chambers says:

    There might not be pics as the sets are based of cars not yet revealed irl. Who knows? I’m not a massive speed champions fan but I’m sorry for the people who r

  4. MBPhilip black says:

    I'm somewhat annoyed but there's a lot of Lego that's coming out so I'm unbothered but I can see if this is your favourite theme (it's my 4th) it could be a problem.

    I started to get into the speed champions line when the 8 stud wide cars were available it really peaked my interest, I've bought all the 17.99 ones 2 discounted for 13 and would have definitely paid the full price the builds, techniques and finished look are excellent so well done and accurate for bricks.

    But they have released a lot of sets and I believe that the more expensive 2 pack ones are still on shelves and the single cars are still in demand so there is no need to make some new ones for the January wave. But we will definitely be getting more later down the line, it one of their best themes no need to be worried.

  5. Milan Amin says:

    Not a car-guy but these were pretty decent, i don't think i'd care if this is true, but i know that there are a lot of people who do care, and i kind of feel bad for those.

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