Today, we got to see the 2021 Chinese sets!


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new lego sets coming soon

35 thoughts on “LEGO 2021 Chinese Sets OFFICIALLY REVEALED

  1. padmewan says:

    It's not a dragon, it's a monster named Nian (literally, "year") that the villagers scare away with firecrackers and sticky food (also pronounced "Nian"). Which is a retcon explanation for Chinese New Year traditions.

  2. y.t says:

    The lantern festival set looks nice. But I still think there should be more garden details in this set. The 2021 on the mini figures shirt and the big bull will soon make this set outdated for 11 years till we have a year of Bull again in 2033. And, as someone who can read those Chinese characters, I can assure you the sentences used in this new set seriously lack taste. It’s a deal breaker to me. They should have adopted some traditional Chinese spring festival couplets or ancient poems instead of making these really awkward sentences themselves. The words in the temple fair set, however, are just perfectly fit the occasion and mean luck and fortune.

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