LEGO Harry Potter 2021 Summer Leaks | 14 SETS IN TOTAL

Today, thanks to a user on Eurobricks we have allegedly leaked set numbers and prices for Summer 2021 – HOW!?

Gringotts MOC:

Ashnflash Xtra:

My .:

My .:


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37 thoughts on “LEGO Harry Potter 2021 Summer Leaks | 14 SETS IN TOTAL

  1. Ian Stanley says:

    I think some of these sets will be locations more prominent in older movies that appear in deathly hollows like the chamber of secrets, Shrieking shack, the wizard council with fudge and most prominently Gringotts. I also think the graveyard will be included with Dumbledore’s brother as one of the smaller sets in the line as well as the forbidden Forrest chase with scabior and the bridge collapse scene

  2. Comrade Internet says:

    I was hoping that JKR's constant transphobic ramblings would lead to the HP license getting yeeted in favour of Castle being given lots of resources for a comeback. Hopefully this is the last year for HP, and resources going to that theme are allocated elsewhere.

  3. Brrots says:

    I am still waiting for a mermaid set, I heard a lot about thus set and there are things pointing to the set afterall:
    -The dragon set was made
    -The gabrielle minifigure had its eyes closed.
    I really want this set!

  4. Brickscape says:

    Well gone are my dreams of getting all the hp sets, I’ve been following along and so far all I need is the diagon alley. But this wave is just gonna be way to expensive. Unless I get some crazy amount of money I might have to pass on this wave

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