this is the best zombie server i played… (Minecraft)

Any games i should play?
tell me at my twitter down below 🙂



Note: There will be Cool GIFS and Very nice Sounds SOON:

If u want 🙂


+sorry for the weird Thumbnail ;-; ( i was bored )



i wont be using music in any videos :/


I hope u have a good day during this Stream 🙂

Oh and don’t forget to hit that bell for more Notifications !

lets hope that youtube’s notifications are working ;-;


—————————-GOALS (For now)———————–
Hit 300 subs +
Hit 500 followers (on twitter)
Make more videos:

—————————-FUTURE GOALS—————————
Hit 30k+ Subs? [] Hit 3k+ followers? (twitter) [] Facecam? [] Better Pc for Streaming Videos Etc. []


#youtube #minecraft #zombies


grinder weed gif

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