This is WORSE than Philippines (BUHAY USA)

First time back in San Francisco, California in 2020 since the pandemic hit. Things did not look like how I expected at all, but good to be back home with family! vlog 68

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37 thoughts on “This is WORSE than Philippines (BUHAY USA)

  1. unknowndeoxys00 says:

    Those fires were brutal. The whole of coastal CA on fire basically. It was 8-9 am when I was rousing out of bed, fckin sky was dark yellow and I thought it was still 6 am. So unsettling to wake up to. Next day it was orange and charcoal-smelling AF, the air gave me headaches within 10 seconds. 😔

  2. Peradoce1 says:

    I left the PH 4 months ago cause of the situation is WORSENING. I am happy back here in USA. There are about 500K EXPATS who left the PH this year alone and this is a major pain to PH economy! The PH government is BROKE and you have 27 Million Filipinos who are OUT OF WORK! Go Figure!!!

  3. Northon Xandar says:

    yes you were right, usa must be a greatest country but whenforest fire hits, it could be worst than you expected, most people says its more fun in the philippines yes because most of us filipinos still happy even we have big problems in our lifes (happy lang) kami lang toh and even na binagyo ang pilipinas november pa, may mga taong masaya parin at tuloy parin ang inuman and minsan nag vlog pa sa baha

  4. MEMEABLE says:

    The most terrifying part is that karamihan pa ng mga tao ay hindi aware na nangyayari itong mga to sa ibat ibang parte ng mundo hindi lang sa iisang bansa, nakakalungkot lang din isipin, stay safe everyone.

  5. Louisse Melendris says:

    as long as there's internet, all good😂… but really, I hope everything will go back, I know it will not be like before but atleast we can freely go outside without worrying about virus

  6. Vince Afan says:

    The west coast of America sits on the rim of fire n California is the dryest, think of Mojave desert, ugh boy we hv a saying in the Philippines "nasa kama k n lumipat k p s banig". Cheers man it will all pass of course YHWH willing.

  7. Julia Marbella says:

    The Filipino word for orange is actually "narangha" from the Spanish "naranja". It's usually used in professional context so you don't really hear anyone here saying "kulay narangha" but we do have a word for it.

  8. KarmaBaguette- HELIX says:

    Oomph, Thats a lot of fire… makes me think that Americans are just doing the 'This is fine.' Meme as everything is orange and burning…

    And As a fairly rare specimen of The 'Highly Introverted Filipino' with crippling social anxiety.. The Lockdown has been a friggin blessing~

    It's all I could ever ask for~ Studying and working at home, locking myself in my room and say that I'm quarantining but actually is just watching YouTube and sketching and talking to international friends via Discord. Sure, there are these hard times about money because of the economic decline due to the lockdowns, not knowing how to get by in the long run if this doesn't get solved soon.. but it's pretty manageable, my plants and cats are keeping me great company.

  9. Caye Zara says:

    I believe it’s the culture why Filipinos persist during difficult times, e.g. the COVID 19 lockdown and pandemic. Filipinos can still smile, laugh and make jokes even in distressful times, and this is a fact.

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