Lumion 11 Overview Tutorial

First time using Lumion 11? No worries! For over a decade, architects have celebrated Lumion as a stunningly simple learning experience, and building on that theme, we’ll take you through the entire version to help reduce (and virtually eliminate) the rendering software’s already-short learning curve.

After watching this overview video, you’ll be working on your rendering project and breathing the beauty of life into your architectural designs.

00:00 Intro: What is Lumion and what will this video cover
01:15 Lumion Benchmark & System Requirements
01:44 Learning our way around: Welcome area
01:58 “Create new project” area, where you can pick an empty template
02:08 “Examples” area, where 9 pre-made scenes are ready to explore
02:41 Learning how to move around in Lumion
03:48 How to save and load projects
04:14 Setting your language in Lumion
04:26 Build Mode Intro: Creating a project & importing your model
05:25 How to navigate the UI and Weather controls
06:17 Lumion setting, & performance tips
07:03 How to access help in Lumion
07:10 Assign & customize Lumion materials: glass, water, grass & more
09:35 Using your own materials in Lumion: RAL, maps, displacement & more
10:33 Crafting your landscape: grass, mountains, lakes and sea
11:50 Content Library: 6000+ models for your scene
12:26 Volumetric Fire & lights
13:31 Fine Detail Nature
14:02 Populate your scene quickly and easily: Mass Placement, Paint Placement
15:10 Completing your scene & editing and organizing objects
15:58 Photo Mode intro: How to create pictures
17:12 Adding pre-made effect styles for quick results
17:53 Adding individual effects for greater customization
19:45 Save time by saving your effects for other shots
20:01 Orthographic effect – Creating a floor plan
20:49 Rendering an image
21:06 Movie Mode intro: how to create animations
21:14 Saving and editing a camera path for each clip
22:28 Adding effects to movie clips
22:52 How to create a time-lapse
22:51 Phasing animation effect
24:29 Rendering an animation
24:57 360 Panorama Studio
25:50 Sharing your 360 panorama images with MyLumion
26:26 Learn more with our resources and tutorials

Lumion 11 is fully compatible with virtually all 3D and CAD modeling software, including Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, 3ds Max, Rhino, AutoCAD, Vectorworks, BricsCAD and many others.

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CREDITS – The 3D model designs featured in this video are:

– The iconic Farnsworth, designed and constructed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Valley winery:
– Model design by Ten Over Studio (

Beach house:
– Model design by Pixel-Head Studio (

Downtown development:
– Model design by Ten Over Studio (

Glass House:
– The Glass House, designed and constructed by Philip Johnson.

– IG:
– Website:


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35 thoughts on “Lumion 11 Overview Tutorial

  1. She's a Little Odd says:

    Love the updates. Especially the ortho view. The 3d fire and rain streaks are cool as well. I haven't tried it yet but I'm expecting that the micro shadow greatly improves the interior lighting. I'm hoping to see these in the next update:

    1. Ray tracing
    2. Crtl+Z
    3. Reflection on curves surfaces
    4. Curved lights (or have the emissive material affect lighting even when it's not seen in the scene)

    I switched from Vray to lumion because lumion has a real time render and a faster production quality renders even though I can achieve more realistic renders through vray. However, Vray 5 release now has real time render as well as some other Lumion-like features and lumion still doesn't have ray tracing. I'm debating whether to switch back to vray. although admittedly, it is more fun to use lumion.

  2. TimF says:

    I use Lumion, but let's face it… there's w-a-y more that needs to be fixed/improved than the implementation of standard keyboard shortcuts. Lumion is based on a 20-year old game engine that lacks the flexibility to adopt Windows interface standards. It has been obsolete since its emergence.

  3. Surya Rahardian says:

    Waoooww..thanks for your hard work till now…I want to ask about the compatibility lumion 11 for AMD GPU such as Radeon RX6800XT or RX6900XT. Does Lumion 11 support Radeon card?Thanks

  4. Justin Heuer says:

    Why would I pay this price when Twinmotion, Unreal Engine 4 and Blender is free. All the Quixel materials and assets is free. The Quixel mixer is free. If Lumion would consider that not all people have thousands of dollars to buy this program and just make it more reasonable to buy, Autodesk software is already expensive, I don't need a render program that is just as expensive.

  5. Muhammad Nzar says:

    Great job Lumion 🔥
    For the next update:
    1- Enhance section ortho, by adding specific plan and section styles.
    2- Add custom size of rendering button, not only 5 fixed ones!
    3- Don't forget Crtl+Z and Y for undo and redo.
    4- Make vector exports from Lumion to DWG, especially for ortho mode, so we can use them in AutoCAD and PhotoShop.

  6. Snaan Archielago says:

    1_ We need CTRL + Z
    2_ We need Custom Render Size at Photo and Video ( To Share At Instagram )
    3_ We need quick kitchen tool like The Sims game. Put 60×60 cabinets and fillet them at corners.
    4_ Some of objects (from olders versions of lumion) make renders non-realistic. You should delete them. We dont have to decide every time.
    5_ I need Muslim Woman but not Arab. Please Come and see how Woman wear in İstanbul.


    Believe it or not LUMION is the best, fastest 3D rendering software ever…. with this latest Update… i rateed LUMION 11Pro 5 stars…. weldone lumion guys…
    Mike you are a good teacher more grace bro..

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