BEST Beanies Money Can Buy – Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Looking for the best beanie to gift this holiday season? I’ll tell you which are the best.

Links should work for all my international audience 🙂

Carhartt Acrylic Beanie $16.99

Rothco Navy Surplus Beanie Green (a little pricier) $11.99

Rothco Navy Surplus in Navy $10.62

Everlane Cashmere Beanie $65.00

COS Padded Beanie $39.00

COS Wool Felt Skull Cap $39.00

Hell, if you want to ball out here’s the Elder Statesman Beanie $415

In today’s video I’m starting my holiday shopping guide with beanies. Everyone needs them, everyone loves them, and if you’re looking to pick up a new beanie, or looking for a great gift this is my recommended line up.

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38 thoughts on “BEST Beanies Money Can Buy – Holiday Gift Guide 2020

  1. parreya ny says:

    I have been using Carhartt for 10 years. Classic and very fashion at same time. Have every bright 7-8 colors. They are the best. Soft. Keep you warm and not make itchy to your skin. Super recommend!

  2. arceustheo says:

    Hello Christian once again, awesome video. Since March I've been cultivating a 'mohawk' hairstyle with fringe at a length slightly over my eyebrows, and though the bottom-back of my hair isn't long, I would think a beanie would suit this aesthetic of having my back hair and my front fringe sticking out.

  3. Ur Moms 3rd Husband says:

    Yoooo, those Navy watch caps are legit. I remember times where my head would be the warmest part of my body lol sometimes you just gotta deal with a $10 itchy beanie to look cool lol

  4. Sh0gun says:

    Personally I think the COS padded cap looks better on short hair than long hair. A guy I knew wore more or less the same cap with a buzz and I always thought it was a great look. For a more high end beanie option, I'd highly recommend paa's waffle beanie. It has an awesome texture, it's 100% wool, frequently goes on sale, and I've been wearing it almost exclusively for the past two F/W seasons and mine still looks and feels brand new. Norse Projects also makes great (but a little pricey) beanies that can can be found on deep sale quite often.

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