The Correct Way To Get A Flip Reset WITH Power


Hope you enjoyed this video, if you have any other ideas let me know down in the comments:D

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how to get rocket pass on switch

38 thoughts on “The Correct Way To Get A Flip Reset WITH Power

  1. Jdnddnn Haha did says:

    Idk if you’ll see this but I wanna know how to do the spinning in between resets I can double and triple already I just can never do the spin and it looks so much better

  2. rodolfo vieyra says:

    Also advice for people trying to learn consistent flip reseting, please practice flying upside down first. It's the only way you can approach the ball in the air that way to get the reset

  3. Yannick Breite says:

    I will definitely try to use this thank you for the good explenation. Keep up the good content. Also maybe you want to keep playing the music when you show the clips since it it kind of akward if it is kompletly silent.

  4. Stephen says:

    I think stalling has to be the hardest for me to learn. I get it sometimes but my car stalls to the right or left even though i have my stick completey left. I learned how to reset in 3 days but I have trouble stalling after resetting

  5. Killertiger Gaming says:

    This isn't really about flip resets specifically but how do I improve my upside down car control cause when I do a flip reset I move slow and my movements aren't fluid like yours

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