Amazing Tech ! – Build Your Own Budget Multipurpose PC

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In this PC Build Tech video, I use the Core i3 9th generation model to build multipurpose PC. It can be a great work from home pc, students pc, or gaming pc .

CORE i3 9th Generation –

Gigabyte Mother board –

DDR4 Ram 8 GB –

Cabinet –


Graphics Card –


1 TB SeaGate –

Zebronics Pure Pixel Monitor –

Zebronics Igloo Speakers –

Zebronics Comfort + Mouse –

Zebronics Km2100 Keyboard –

Watch this video completely to get the idea on how you can build a multipurpose pc in india

Please do ask if any queries about this PC build and I will answer them

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  2. A2Z ALL TYPES says:

    Hello sir, i am Nishant Kumar from kolkata.. Sir i am looking to buy a pc under 20000 and i found this video very useful. We were a group of 7 who wanted a computer under 20k individually. I shared this video and trust me everyone agrees.
    Sir but i want to talk to u.
    I am student of class 10.
    Can u please give your 10 mins to me. Even my father want to talk.
    Sir please tell me how can i sir. I really need your help sir.
    Thank you sir.
    Please help.
    We are already lagging with our computer assignments. Plz help sir.

  3. Abhijit Bhoi says:

    Hi, Nice videos with lot of background work efforts, keep it up…My Request is pls post good Tabs reviews, seeing the current online work from home and schooling.

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