How to shoot the mineral moon

Recorded myself shooting the moon, I experienced a little Murphy’s Law with my cameras.

Here’s my gear:
-Paramount MyT:
-C9.25 edge hd
-canon 6d



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16 thoughts on “How to shoot the mineral moon

  1. Noah Lambert says:

    Hello Bray!

    I follow a lot of your work on Instagram and have always been inspired. I have attempted to follow this workflow, but there is either some key information missing or my data is poor. I am curious what you PIPP settings are before you go into AS3. Basically, when I take my color images shot on an EOS R5 with a Edge 9.25, when after LinearFit I cannot get the orange and blue that you have. No matter what channel I use for the linear fit, the CurvesTransformation creates a green and magenta hue, with the orange and blue being slightly there underneath.

    I have also tried to compose images using R, G, B filters on my 1600MM Pro, but I can never get a good color balance. Could you help?

    Thanks again!

  2. JakicevichAp says:

    Love the shot! I also use dslr images for color as it's easier to debayer right. Why don't you give a longer focal length a shot? The C9.25 would wreck that! Haha

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