44 thoughts on “How to Cancel Netflix Subscription – Stop Netflix Membership

  1. Gauging Gadgets says:

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  2. Christine Van Alphen says:

    Damn, I want to get rid of Netflix on my iPad and having difficulty. Not interested in them, They’ve stopped putting up Johnny Depp movies, and the choice of movies is really awful. B rated stupid, vapid movies.

  3. idk lol says:

    i cancelled my netflix account last month and it said that it will end the other day but it still hasn’t ended and now it says that i have to pay for the next billing period. i clearly saw that i cancelled my membership and they even emailed me about it but now i can still continue and i am being billed for the next month. how can i fix this? what if i cant stop this cycle?

  4. Botho Mothibedi says:

    I haven't finished the sign up process where they ask for the pricing and credit card details thus not having a membership. Yet they are still charging me every month. And i tried looking for the unsbscribe or cancel membership but it's not there (probably cause I wasn't done signing up) I'm not sure what to do at this point, please help 😭

  5. Alphycan424 says:

    Cuties is so disgusting and I’m sure it will be just as disgusting as it sounds when it comes out. I’m canceling my Netflix subscription because of it. Thanks for this video on how to cancel it.

  6. I C Flat Ndatsdat! says:

    Thanks for the info GG…. but some of us are not good at doing internet stuff so I called them at 844.505.2993.
    They said I was cancelled so hope it works. And works for others too

  7. Sharief Annual Mudjala says:

    I deleted my Netflix without canceling my membership. And just recently I noticed that I've been deducted from Netflix monthly fees so I tried to download and open my account to cancel it however i tried to log in into my account I can't log in… Is there other way I can cancel my account?

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