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If I got to keep only one pet, I’d pick Doraemon without thinking twice. Yes, he’s fictional but growing up, this robotic cat made me hope for the impossible. And I’m pretty sure most folks my age feel the same about Doraemon’s 4D pocket–a futuristic “wormhole” that can bring up every astounding gadgets imaginable. All in all, there are a total of 4, 500 Doraemon gadgets that have fascinated generations of sci-fi fans.

However, these gadget prototypes were not just created to tickle our imagination. For the most part, they symbolize human vulnerabilities best exemplified by the feeble, clumsy Nobita and his penchant for instant gratification. At the end of every episode, we were taught of different life lessons proving that most of the time, cutting corners is the ultimate key to failure.

Nonetheless, we just can’t help but imagine how life can be much easier if we have some of these Doraemon gadgets in real life. Here are 7 of the most unforgettable and fascinating inventions straight from Doraemon’s magical pocket:




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