Ending a break in Photography: How to get started again.

In this video I talk about some steps I am taking/plan to take in order to end my break in outdoor and landscape photography. 2020 was a bit of a crazy year with a pandemic, leaving a job and moving countries. I found myself with less and less time to get out with my camera alongside a dip in motivation. Even just making this video was a step in the right direction of becoming excited about content creating again. I decided to share my thoughts in hope it may motivate someone else to keep pushing forwards also. Thank you for watching as always, the channel and photography support is always very much appreciated.

• This video was filmed following the government’s guidelines to Coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns. All footage was filmed locally and safely or taken from past location shoots in South Korea.
• All images and footage in this video were created by Courtney Victoria Esson.

Main Camera: Nikon D750:
Wide Lens:
Standard Lens:
Tripod: Vanguard Alta Pro 2+:
Tripod: Vanguard Veo GO 2:
ND Filter:
Memory Cards:

Vlogging Camera: Canon GX7 Mark II:
Mic: Rode Smart Lav:
Joby Gorrilla Pod:

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
Website: Wix. www.courtneyvictoriaphotography.com


Music used in this video sourced at Epidemic Sound.
– Onthou: Ever So Blue
-Cain: Lo Milieux


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4 thoughts on “Ending a break in Photography: How to get started again.

  1. DimusTech says:

    Good to see you back here 🙂
    Sadly my country is currently on lockdown, and due to the current restrictions I would only be able to go to some nearest parks, but those are tiny city parks which in addition our municipality decided to renovate all at once, so sadly I don't have many opportunities now, but last week I did some shoots of some birds and other things from my window, editing them was fun though revealed how much of lack of light some photos struggled with 😉
    Enjoy your local area! it looks really nice (and since you showed a map we sort of know where it is, don't worry I won't got there at night and search for you haha, maximum if I'll go to the UK again in the future I'll bring a pack of chocolate and ask you ahead if it's possible to meet)
    Anyways, as always great work and you actually add to my inspiration, so thanks again!

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