Elevate Your Note Side Hustle with Kris McPeak

Scott sits down with side-hustler expert, Kris McPeak, about some of the best ways to manage your schedule when you are juggling a full-time career and trying to launch your note business. She shares some of her best practices and systems to help you achieve results.

Kris McPeak from SilverPeak Development is a self-appointed 9-to-5 Side Hustler. In her day job, she’s spent 25 years in Higher Education and her side hustle activities include writing, podcasting, and coaching. She runs a non-profit US Masters Swim Team with her hubby, Charles, in Southern California. Her passion for career coaching and productivity began during her experience of working at 9 different colleges and universities in 7 different states.

Kris has a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and a Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from the University of Arkansas (#WPS). She is a certified coach from Transformation Academy in the areas of Careers, Happiness, Life Purpose, Goal Setting, Cognitive Behavior, and Spirituality. Kris uses these skills to empower career professionals in creating Time Freedom and the vocation of their dreams. Her podcast, “Elevate Your 8,” also addresses her passion for Time Freedom and Productivity.

She has published two previous books, “Elevate Your 8,” and “Making ‘Work’ Work for You,” and has been featured on Lifehack.org and CASE Currents. When she’s not rocking her Day Job and Side Hustles, Kris enjoys swimming, knitting, watching movies, dominating the mic at karaoke, and walking her dog, Duke. She loves a good margarita and dairy-free ice cream. You can find out more at www.krismcpeak.com.


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