MASSIVE ROCKET LEAGUE GIVEAWAY! (TW Fennec, Rocket Pass 2, Fennec, Credits)!

🔥 In celebration of my birthday, the holidays, and the overall growth of the Twitch channel, I will be giving away TONS of ROCKET LEAGUE items during a 24 hr stream. Watch the video for details…or just read below 🔥

I will be running giveaways for the following items (on ALL platforms a.k.a. Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC/Epic Games):
► Multiple NEW Rocket Pass 2s (1000 cr)
► Multiple regular unpainted Fennecs
► Multiple 500 cr prizes
► Grand prize of a TW Fennec (PC ONLY, ~$60 value)

All in all, I am giving away more than $100 worth of Rocket League items, so you really don’t want to miss this!

Interested in winning any of these giveaways??? For the TW Fennec, simply follow me on Twitch (link below), type !giveaway in Twitch chat, and watch the stream THIS WEEKEND for a chance at winning the TW Fennec! For the rest of the items, just be in chat at the scheduled time and I will let you know what to type in the chat to be entered. It will be something like !join or !enter. The schedule towards the end of the video shows a breakdown of when each item is being given away, so make sure you are there in chat to have a chance at winning! (All times shown are Central Time).
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