My older SISTER wants me


Hello. My name is Joe, and something terrible happened in my life. More precisely, this terrible thing lasted quite a long time, but I realized what was happening just recently.
My parents are the most ordinary people who do not have something special about their appearance. Well, you just won’t even remember them in the crowd. Kinda you know, a gray mass. And my older sister Lily is a 100% their copy – she is also a rather ordinary girl, having only very high expectations.
I don’t know, maybe genetics made that or they threw me up, as our neighbors sometimes joke, but I turned out to be a handsome. Now this is not narcissism, it is a fact. But hey, I don’t give a damn about my appearance. I’m a guy, not an insta model, but it’s important to understand everything.
Anuway, judging by height, and by shape, and by face, I’m kinda 9 on a 10-point scale. It could have been better, like going in for sports or starting to take care of myself, but I really don’t care, and so there are enough problems due to my face.
Since my early childhood, my mom was annoyed by all sorts of photographers and advertisers, trying to persuade her to tear me into pieces, getting me in to the modeling business. They even offered me to act in films, only my mom forbade me (and here in vain, I would like to try for some part in a cool action movie).

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