What I Got For My 50th Birthday! Huge Haul!

Today I’m sharing what I got for my 50th Birthday! My family was SO generous and lovely and we had a beautiful day. I can’t wait to show you what I got! Because yes, even 50 year olds really like presents. At least this one does!

Here are the links to everything I’m showing in today’s video!
Balega Socks
Sherpa Blanket
Yankee Candles (scents I got are A Calm and Quiet Place, Clean Cotton, and Turquoise Sky)
Moment Iphone Lens
50 Things To Do When You Turn 50
Vitamix Mixer
Mosobam Turkis Towel Set
Kate Spade Minnie Mouse wallet

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50th birthday gift ideas

38 thoughts on “What I Got For My 50th Birthday! Huge Haul!

  1. Donna Baardsen says:

    A belated Happy Birthday, Jen! I loved everything your thoughtful family gave you. In the midst of this global Covid mess, the very positive things to come out of it are slowing way down and savoring life and each other more than ever, spending more quality time and quantities of it doing what we really enjoy doing and not feeling guilty about it, even just lounging around the house. Thanks for taking the time to invite us into your life and home, and sharing so many great tips and ideas, even on your birthday. Blessings to your and yours🥰🎁🎂✝

  2. Trish Sp says:

    I love that you love and appreciate small appliances and practical (albeit luxurious) gifts. So many are offended by them, but when they are given in love and with thoughtful consideration, they provide such happiness! Oh, and Clean Cotton is the best! Happy 50th!

  3. Simple Joy says:

    Happy belated birthday Jen. Love all your wonderful gifts. Maybe you can share some Vitamix recipes with us as you discover all the things you can make with it.. I gave one to my daughter as a gift when she went away to college, but I don’t have my own yet. She loves it, and her roommates were happy that she had one too.

  4. pei-ling says:

    Happy Birthday! I have given Vitamixes to my mom (Christmas) and my sister (bridal shower–a gasp was heard around the room when she opened it up!), such a great splurge gift for special occasions. I've been making "nice creams" this summer, which is non-dairy ice cream with frozen bananas and peaches, but you can use any frozen fruit along with bananas (which gives it the creaminess). You are only 3 years older than me, but I have 8 and 5 year-olds! You are so smart having kids when you were younger–I can't even imagine right now what it'll be like when they're adults with jobs!

  5. Carla Easley says:

    Yay for Vitamix! Ours is a member of our family. 😂 She goes on the road with us sometimes. We mostly use ours for smoothies, but also make homemade nut milks, vegan sauces, "ice cream", etc. It has such a strong motor.

  6. Courtney Kephart says:

    For Vitamix, really take the time to study the containers because there are differences between wet and dry containers and even the different sizes of containers. I highly recommend getting the personal cup adapter for smoothies! The cups are amazing and makes it so much easier to make them. My next add on will be an Aer container

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