☆DIY GIFT BOX – affordable & thoughtful gift idea☆

(FAQ: where did you get the box?
A: I got the box used in this video from a package I ordered online. It’s called an “earlock box” 🙂 If you’re unable to get your hands on one of these, any box will work fine! They sell boxes at craft stores like Joanns, Michael’s, Hobby lobby, etc so you could try looking for one there!)

Hey everyone!! Long time no post 🙂 In this video, I’ll be showing you guys how to make a homemade, *personalized* gift box, perfect for anyone in your life! It’s 100% customizable, thoughtful, affordable, and CUUUTE hehe. Let me know if you guys like these DIY crafts tutorials! Thank you for watching and I’ll see ya next time! xo (Stay tuned until the end to see Reuven’s reaction🥺)

Q: Who in your life would you make this for? ❤️

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45 thoughts on “☆DIY GIFT BOX – affordable & thoughtful gift idea☆

  1. Mokaya says:

    My best my best friend's birthday is literally 2 months away and I've been thinking for a gift from literally literally literally literally from past 3 months and then I came across this video I love this and I have to thank you are the best you are the best right now I don't care

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