10 Crochet Gifts For Men

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27 thoughts on “10 Crochet Gifts For Men

  1. Candace Marshall Leavens says:

    I'd say I'm a bit of a yarn snob. I won't use supersaver or similarly scratchy yarns, but I will use acrylic yarns if they're soft. I prefer Hobby Lobby for regular store yarns and they have a lot of nice ones. My favorite yarn base though is fingering weight superwash merino nylon blends dyed by indie dyers. I don't get a lot of those since they're really expensive. I also really love my Knitcrate yarns. I've even started getting into dyeing my own yarn because you can get the bare superwash merino nylon blends from Dyer supplier pretty cheap in a 5 pack.

  2. Kathy Shepard says:

    Great program today. I wasn't able to catch it live. I am a beginner of 1 year ( after a 30 year hiatus). A friend asked me to make a 5' x 8' blanket, chevron stitch. It has taken me 2 months when I am not working. He covered the yarn and said he would pay for my making it. I have no idea how much to ask him.

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