Birthday video ideas for best friend | Long distance birthday video | Birthday surprise ideas

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Want to make your loved ones birthday special. You can do it with this kind of video.

This type of video is called stop motion video:-
Stop motion is an animation technique in which one frame is captured at a time. In between each shot, the objects in the frame are moved slightly. When the images are strung together in a video, it gives the impression that the objects are moving on their own.

So how do you shoot for a stop motion video? Basically, the steps look something like this:
Step 1: Set your scene
Step 2: Take a picture
Step 3: Make a small change
Step 4: Take a picture
Step 5: Make another small change
Step 6: Take a picture
Step 7: Make another small change
Step 8: Take a picture
Step 9: Repeat until you’re done!

Arguably the most important part of shooting a stop motion video is the setup. You need to make sure your camera stays still throughout the entire process. If your camera moves just a tad, that’s fine. But if it moves a lot, it’ll create a jump in your animation and it can be difficult to get everything lined up again.

Assemble the pieces:-
You might think it requires a costly set-up to pull off such a specialised form of animation. But really, all you need is an app, a little patience, some paper with whatever you want to write on it, and some steady hands.
First, download Stop Motion Studio

Set the scene:-
Now open the Stop Motion Studio app and hit + New Movie.Now set up your phone. Make sure the shot is framed properly and hit the camera icon in the top right corner.

This is the tricky bit, because you’ll need to keep your device completely still throughout the process.

Pro tip: you can click the button on wired headphones/earphone to snap a photo from your device!

Hit the record button to take each shot, moving your scene along in between. The smaller the movements, the smoother the animation will be. Use the timer button above the record button if you want to automatically take shots at a regular interval.

Hit the Play button below the shutter button to instantly preview your animation.

The app automatically saves your progress. Hit the back-up button in the top right to go to a timeline view and review each shot.

Note that you’ll need the full app unlocked to access all of these more advanced functions. Head back to the app’s title screen, then press and hold on your video to open up the sharing options. It’ll show you save option that way you can save your video in gallery

Download the app:- Stop motion studio

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