Woman Gifts Rental Property

Real fam, how would you feel if your significant other gave you a rental property as a gift?


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40 thoughts on “Woman Gifts Rental Property

  1. SimFlip says:

    I actually agree with Amanda here, I think his response wasn't completely ungrateful, but just realistic. his comment about the Rolex and stuff, I took it as "wow I was expecting that but THIS, this is something else"

  2. Amber Latiolais says:

    My bf gave me a Polaroid key chain for Christmas. Because I had once said I would love a good camera so I could get back into photography… so he got me a key chain. That was my only gift. I didnt even bother get upset. He just doesn't get it so I dont expect nice things from him. As long as I don't expect it I'm fine with whatever silly gift he gets me from now on.

  3. Phoenix Rose Ashé says:

    Maybeeee…he has been mooching…maybeeee she about to cut him off…maybeee she gave him that gift so he has something to fall back on. I would step back and watch what he does with the gift. For me I would be like…I gotta go fix something up real quick.

  4. dtownlinny says:

    I love to hate Amanda. I was watching old episodes with Tamar earlier and she was so much more energetic and funny and Amanda is just a know it all and I hate that she thinks she's smarter or better than everyone on the panel and she always has to make everything about race. I'm surprised she didn't make this about race🙄💁🏻‍♀️

  5. Sonia x says:

    If it was a in a good area then maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️ would be great for the perfect man. He wasn’t it. I don’t think people should ask for gifts, unless its something they NEED that will better themselves. Don’t ask for gucci. If someone gets u it good on them.

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