Sleeve Knee Brace Elastic

Elastic knee brace for sleeve

We are talking about our very useful high-performance containment knee brace, they are ideal for those who practice sports, such as running, tennis or padel, football, volleyball, and all those sports where the knees are put under stress. Their 3D fabric offers a perfect seal, decompression zones in the front and side ensure the knee always excellent stability, the colored bands, and the wave design helps the knee to avoid dangerous movements, the breathable fabric guarantees continuous breathing. it is a high-level product that comes in a package to ensure hygiene and safety to the product, in 4 colors their length varies according to the measure between 27 / 29cm. A must-have for those looking for a professional product at a great price!
Sleeve Knee Brace Elastic Support Fitness Running Cycling Nylon Sport Compression Pad for Basketball Volleyball

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