Apple Watch 8 Pro will be available at $900

Apple said to be working on an “extreme sports” version of Apple Watch 8. Variant that includes a larger display and a metal case that is more resistant.

Apple Watch Pro will be available at $900

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports, explaining that the device in question designed for athletes. Hikers and other extreme activities, and that it will in the largest (in size) created by Apple so far.

Apple Watch 8 Pro Display:

The display should measure nearly two inches (5cm) diagonally. Larger than the 1.9 ″ diagonal of the current Apple Watch Series 7 and the expected Series8.

The display will be about 7% larger than the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7. And the offered resolution of 410 x 502 pixels (versus the Series 7’s 396 × 484 pixels). According to Gurman, Apple will use the larger surface area to offer additional fitness-related data on a watch face.

Which name will be?

It not known at the moment what Apple intends to call this – presumed – Apple Watch 8. But according to Gurman the device should offer better shock resistance and protection thanks to a metal material stronger than aluminum. It should include a display with shatterproof glass. (probably with layers and substrates that make breaking more complicated). And also integrate a larger battery to allow you to carry out longer training sessions.

The sport-oriented version of the Apple Watch expected to be sold alongside the standard Apple Watch Series 8, scheduled for the end of the year, and the Apple Watch SE, which is also expected to be updated this year. In addition to being larger and incorporating a stronger casing. The Apple Watch sport edition will work like other Apple Watches and offer the same features as the Series8.

Info about apple watch 8:

Rumors have circulated that Apple Watch Series 8 should integrate an S8 chip similar to the previous S7 / S6, offer a power saving mode and a new health-related feature that will allow you to monitor body temperature. Three new standard Apple Watches are expected this year and new model of silicone and leather band loop to make it unique.