iOS 16 and Hidden features

iOS 16 and backup iphone During the opening keynote of WWDC 2022. The Californian giant Apple reserved an important space for the presentation of the new iOS 16. The operating system that will arrive on compatible iPhones. In the course of next autumn but which already released, in preview, to developers.

iOS 16 and backup iphone During the opening keynote of WWDC 2022, the Californian giant Apple has reserved an important space

In addition to revolutionizing some aspects, such as the lock screen, made extremely customizable, and the new management of notifications, stacked at the bottom of the screen, iOS 16 brings many other innovations, some of which are not really visible at first glance but well amalgamated. in the context. Let’s find out what the other hidden innovations of the next version of iOS, the ones haven’t told you about so far.

iOS 16: Here the best hidden features

As anticipated at the beginning but as, above all, we have told you in recent weeks, Apple has recently presented iOS 16, the next version of the operating system for the iPhone which has already been released in preview to developers and which will soon also arrive in public beta.

The new operating system does not completely upset the user experience offered with iOS 15. But does so mainly on some aspects: lock screen and notification management in the first place. In addition to the innovations shown by Craig Federighi and companions. At the keynote, from the use of the beta for developers of iOS 16, several “hidden” innovations have emerged. Overshadowed, which will introduced with the new version of the operating system. Some of the which appear already done and finished although still in the first beta.

If to learn about all the news already known from the moment of presentation. We refer you to our dedicated article written previously, in the rest of this article we will tell you about the best of these new features. That have passed into the background, explaining their usefulness.

Lock hidden albums and recently deleted photos

For some time now, the Photos app has been allowing you to hide images; the images added to the hidden album. However, only moved to the album but there no real use in protecting them from prying eyes. The same goes for the Recently Deleted album. With iOS 16, the music changes.

The images added to the hidden album and the recently deleted images now blocked and the user required to authenticate. Via Face ID, Touch ID or password, to access and view the content of these albums.

Merge duplicate photos

Another new feature of Photos introduced with iOS 16. Designed to save storage space by allowing users to delete duplicate shots or photos.

To do this, simply open the Photos app and follow the path “Album> Duplicates”, tap the merge button and confirm the action.

Copy and paste the changes into Photos

With beta iOS 16, Photos allows users to easily apply the changes made to one shot to another shot: just run the Photos app and select the previously edited image; then you will need to tap on the three dots at the top right and select the copy changes option.

At this point, the user will have to move to the image on which he intends to apply the changes just copied. Touch the three dots at the top right and select paste the changes.

Deleting a contact but doing backup iphone before doing it

iPhone users have always known how frustrating and cumbersome it is to delete a contact from your address book. To do so, you need to open the contact card, enter the Edit menu and scroll down to find the wording. “Delete contact”.

Again, iOS16 makes the operation much easier. Now simply open Contacts, scroll the list to the contact you want to delete, touch and hold it and, from the context menu, select Delete contact. At this point, once the intention to eliminate the contact has confirmed. The game will done but our advice to do that after a backup iphone !

When will iOS 16 arrive? To prepare backup iphone

As already known, the new iOS 16, whose development path started relatively recently. Will released to all in possession of a compatible iPhone. (from the iPhone 8 onwards) in the autumn of 2022 so to have time to do a backup iPhone.

For developers participating in the Apple Developer Program, the preview version (ie the beta) of iOS 16 is already available on the Apple developer portal while the first public beta will be released as early as July on the dedicated portal also the beta16 will be availabe for the apple watch.