How iCloud Find My iPhone works

iCloud Find My iPhone location in Your old smartphone has been taking its last breath for a few days now and so, out of necessity, you found yourself forced to replace your beloved and historical companion in technological adventures.

iCloud Find My iPhone location in Your old smartphone has been taking its last breath for a few days now and so, you found yourself forced to replace it.

After reading my guide on tips for buying a smartphone, you managed to find your way around the vast choice of mobile devices and you are now the proud owner of an iPhone. It’s just a pity that, given your past in the company of an Android phone, you are not very informed about the features of the iOS operating system.

Find My iPhone tool

In particular, would you like to know more about the features made available by the Find My iPhone tool? I guess you are a bit of a careless person and are afraid of forgetting your technological jewel lying around. In this case, the default location tool for iPhone devices could certainly prove useful to you in the hypothetical future.

In the event that things are actually as I have described them, you will surely be happy to know that you have landed on the right guide at the right time. In the course of this tutorial, I will explain in detail how the Find My iPhone location tool works. This tool allows you to easily find all the main Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and even Mac. Don’t worry, using this feature is quite simple and you can use it even if you think you are not particularly tech savvy. In any case, during this tutorial I will explain all the procedures to be carried out in detail, you will see that you will learn in the blink of an eye. Let it bet?

Having made these introductory premises, we can move on to the heart of the matter. So if you want to know more specifically how to use Find My iPhone, all you have to do is sit comfortably because I’m about to start explaining how to proceed step by step. As I usually do, I conclude this introduction wishing you a good read.

Introductory and premises about iCloud

The first thing you need to do in order to use this feature iCloud tool is to activate the location services via GPS. Clearly this procedure is essential to be able to remotely track your device, in case you should lose it. So I’ll explain in the following lines how you have to proceed, step by step.

First, go to the Home Screen of your Apple smartphone ( but also in the watch ) and open the Settings application (it has the symbol of a gear). Then scroll down this screen to the bottom, you will need to locate the Privacy item and tap on it. At this point, tap on the item Location and now activate the GPS of your device by moving the lever next to the word Location from OFF to ON.

Now you will have to make sure that you have activated the location sharing tool: to do so, tap on the Share my location item and make sure that the lever next to the word Share my location is set to ON. If not, move the toggle from OFF to ON to activate this feature manually.

Acting in this

By acting in this way you will have activated the localization of your device through the GPS and also the tool that allows the sharing of the same.

The Find My iPhone remote location service makes use of the Internet network in order to be able to track the geographic location of the device in real time. If your aim is to make the most of this service, I recommend that you keep the Wi-Fi antenna of your device active, or alternatively, in the absence of an accessible Wi-Fi connection, you can activate the data network of your smartphone. ; in fact, an Internet connection will be enough for Apple to be able to better track the location of your lost device.

To enable Wi-Fi or data network, go to the main screen of your Apple smartphone or tablet and then, in the Settings screen, tap on the word Wi-Fi.

Find iCloud My iPhone ON and OFF

Then move the lever that you find next to the word Wi-Fi from OFF to ON and connect to your home network or to a free Wi-Fi network by tapping on it. If you have a secure network you will need to enter the password to access it.

If, on the other hand, you want to activate the data network, from the Settings screen of your Apple iCloud device, tap on the Cellular item. Then activate the packet data by moving the lever that you find in correspondence with the wording Cellular data from OFF to ON. You will then have accessed the Internet using the Internet connection provided by your mobile phone provider.

Before proceeding, please note that these options are optional: the Find My iPhone location tool will still be able to locate your device; however, it will only show you the last known position before the Internet connection is deactivated, making it visible thanks to what I would define as a sort of offline mode.