How to use Live Text in videos with apple ios 16

The arrival of apple ios 16 has brought many interesting news for iPhone owners advice to do backup iphone before install the beta. We recently showed you the best hidden features of iOS 16, but today we want to show you how to use Live Text, already present in iOS 15 and further improved after the latest update, while watching a movie on an iPhone or iPad. The function, which will allow you to extract text from videos, will be available to everyone in the stable version, which will likely be released at the end of September, about a week after the event in which Apple will present the new iPhones to the world.

The arrival of iOS 16 has brought many interesting news for iPhone owners. We recently showed you the best features of iOS 16 but today we show you Live Text

What is Live Text in apple ios 16?

Live Text is Apple’s native OCR technology capable of recognizing text present within multimedia content. Present on iPhone XS and later models, until now the use of the “Active Text”. Function was limited to images and screenshots. The debut of apple ios 16 will instead mark an important step forward, since it will allow owners of an iPhone or iPad to extract the text also present in videos on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

How to use Live Text for video on iPhone

Let’s focus now on how Live Text works for videos on an iPhone updated to apple ios 16. Will first analyze the behavior of the Photos app with videos, and then see how it used with Safari.

With Photos

Open Photos, then select a video you want to see.
Pause the video at the exact moment the text you want to extract appears.
If you don’t see the Live Text icon, move the Timeline cursor back and forth, or press and hold on any word in the video.
Tap the Live Text function icon.
Select Copy all if you want to copy the entire message. To open the menu of available options instead (Copy, Select All, Translate, Share, Web Search), long press on any word you want to select.

With Safari

Launch the Safari browser and open the video you want to extract text from apple ios 16.
Pause the video when the text shown.
Maximize the Safari window.
If you have the phone vertically, tap the three dots icon and select “Show Text”. If you have the phone horizontally, tap the Live Text function icon.
Press on “Copy all” to copy the selected text.

What devices are compatible and backup iphone news?

Live Text for video is available on devices with A12 Bionic processor or later so our advice is to do backup iphone before install the beta. Furthermore, the devices must have iOS 16 (iPhone) or iPadOS 15 or later versions on board.

In summary, therefore, they are compatible with “Active Text” in the videos:

iPhone XS and later models
iPad Pro 2020 and later models
the fifth generation of iPad Mini
iPad Air 2019 and later models
iPad 2020
To these added the Macs that mount the M1 processor and updated to macOS Ventura.

Which apps support Live Text for videos in apple ios 16?

For the moment, the Live Text feature for videos in apple ios 16 is supported by the videos in the Photos app and the Safari browser but before install the beta do the backup iphone. However, this does not mean that in the future Apple’s. Native OCR function may also receive support for apps such as YouTube, Vimeo and the like.