googleplay and Steam Deck portable gaming computer deserves a chance

Also in this portable console is possible to have googleplay and yes also install google play app.While it’s neither perfect nor particularly cheap, VALVE’s device could entertain even those who won’t play with it every day

Also in this portable console is possible to have googleplay and yes also install google play app.While it's neither perfect nor particularly cheap.

googleplay in the new Steam deck

When Valve announced Steam Deck a year ago I was thinking if was possible to add googleplay and after some videos that show it I absolutely hooked. Even if I’m not a PC gamer – after eight or ten hours of work a day, the last thing I want to do is spend more time at my desk.

Valve’s gaming computer offered a different service: the ability to play games. for pc on a portable console.

Before its arrival, gamers who wanted to try these games on the go had to hope that they were available on the Nintendo Switch.

The portable alternative

Steam Deck, on the other hand, is an interesting alternative, which allows players to transfer their games from Steam to a handheld console and take them anywhere.

For this, I decided to order one. Or at least, that was my intention. Like many other people, when Valve opened reservations in July of 2021, I logged on to the company’s site, which welcomed me by crashing.

Eventually I managed to book one, but when I received the email inviting me to buy the device a year later, I hesitated.

About google play app

Before install google play app I had read the reviews and done my research.

I was aware of what the device was capable of and also its flaws. We are not talking about a simple portable console, but a PC that sometimes requires gimmicks and modifications to function properly.

Steam Deck is also a portable gaming PC that has no mouse or keyboard, designed to play games that require them. Finally, the battery does not last long (personally, this last aspect was an advantage: the limited life of the battery can become a built-in timer, useful for putting a ceiling on game time).

Regarding Steam Platform

Ultimately, however, my hesitation wasn’t about Steam Deck’s features, but rather a cost-benefit analysis. Among Steam Deck users there are people who bought the device because they have a huge catalog of Steam games and will constantly play them. Not my case.

I have less and less time for video games, which is one of the reasons why I dedicate myself more and more to mobile games.

Valve’s portable device, then, is not cheap (prices start around $400 and go up to $600). Initially, I felt guilty about spending a lot on something I knew I would only use occasionally.

But then I realized that it is not necessary to use an object constantly for it to have value.

Give chance googleplay

So, after analyzes it and saw some video review I saw that was possible to add googleplay and having google play app can be very different the console, but that logic doesn’t really hold up: I bought Horizon Zero Dawn at a discount, while I paid full price to get my hands on Horizon Forbidden West. I love both games equally. What matters to me is not necessarily the price, but how much I enjoy playing a game or a console. While getting a good deal is always pleasant, it’s not the most important thing in the long run.

Obviously I don’t feel like spending a lot of money on a device that I know I will never use. But it’s also not mandatory that every purchase is necessary. There is nothing wrong with spending a hefty amount to indulge yourself every now and then, as long as it is within the limits of what you can afford but if was add googleplay directly was better option for me.

Since it arrived, I’ve been using the Steam Deck every day. Even if it’s only for the quarter of an hour that I dedicate to my lunch, having the chance to play it is fantastic: I didn’t realize how nice it would be to have my favorite games available everywhere.

Steam Deck isn’t going to become my platform of choice (that place will always be reserved for the PlayStation), and it’s not even necessary but if it was a little bit foldable was better.