How to install clockology always on display on your Apple Watch

If you are tired of the usual dials present on the official app of your Apple Watch, do not miss this guide of clockology faces that explains how to have incredible ones with clockology always on display.

Tired of the usual dials of your Apple Watch do not miss this guide of clockology faces explains how to have incredible ones with clockology always on display and new option clockology beta.

clockology always on display

One of the main things that you immediately start to think about when you have an Apple Watch Series 7 8 is how to be able to change the watch faces in addition to those that you can download as standard on the official app on your iPhone.

In this guide We want to show you how to do it using one of the best apps we use for this purpose. This is the free clockology always on display app, capable of loading an infinity of incredible and always different watchfaces. Obviously there are limits but the result will thrill you.

Follow our instructions step by step and you will see that you too will be able to install clockology always on display and above all to make the app work without any problem. Let’s begin!

How to proceed with the installation and activation of Clockology

This guide We made is based on our iPhone running iOS 15.6 and watchOS 8.7. All this to confirm that this is the latest firmware version for both devices. The first thing you will need to do is download the free app:

Open the App Store and download

After you have downloaded the app on your iPhone go and look in the app screen on your Apple Watch and you will find it.

To recognize it, look for a clock-shaped icon with a white background. If you do not find it, go back to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and once you have found Clockology, make sure you have enabled “Show app on Apple Watch.

Now one of the most important steps has arrived to see the app working correctly on your Apple Watch. You have to go to your iPhone browser and download the “_EnableBeta” file.

Without this file you will not be able to sync your new watchface to your smartwatch. Once you have downloaded the file you will have to click on it and you will see that the Clockology app will automatically open.

How to sync the clockology beta

You should now see a pink colored circular dial with the word “clockology beta” written in the center. Keep your finger pressed on this dial until the drop-down menu with the word “Clock synchronization” opens. Now press the orange button that says “Synchronize”.

Now it’s time to shut down your Apple Watch and restart it. Now you can reopen the clockology beta app and see the Beta dial loaded correctly. Now you can add, by downloading them, all the watchfaces you prefer with clock extension and load them without problems.

The same app allows you to download 115 sample watchfaces and you can find them by clicking on “Browse” and typing “clockology beta”. If, on the other hand, you want to upload your watchfaces downloaded elsewhere, just click on the file in question with the “.clock” extension and choose the “Clock synchronization” option.

Replace clockology always on display

Please, be careful to deselect the “Replace watches” option when synchronizing a clockology always on display because otherwise you will not be able to browse through all the ones you have already loaded with a swipe from right to left.

If there are display problems on the dial, go to the Apple Watch clockology faces app and select the “General” item. Scroll down until you find the item “Back to the clock” and change the setting to “After 2 minutes” or “After 1 hour”. Also, go to “Display and brightness” and change the “Activation duration” setting to “Reactivation for 70 seconds”.

Is also great solution to change the watch band to have same design from the face you are going to change!