How to Set Apple Watch Face with clockology beta

Thanks to the app clockology beta the hype from those waiting for the Apple Watch Series 7 8 continue because you will able to change the screen of your watch with clockology faces.

With clockology beta the hype from those waiting for Apple Watch 7 8 continue because you will able to change the screen of your watch with clockology faces.

The screen with reduced edges and clockology always on display

That dial is really very nice and we have received several messages from users saying “I would change my Apple Watch just for this .. but I have to give up”.

We also posted a story on our Instagram account and a lot of users were interested in this clockology always on display. Well today we have a solution that will allow you to have something very similar on Apple Watch Series 4 and above.

How to install new faces, including that of the Apple Watch Series 7 8 , on previous models: Let’s start by pointing out that Apple does not allow third parties to create native clockology always on display faces. For this reason, what we are going to use today in this guide is an application called clockology beta that allows you to create and set dials through the use of a stratagem. The experience will therefore not be quite the same as you get on the Apple Watch Series 7 but it is still very satisfying.

Let’s start by downloading clockology beta

Of course, the app clockology beta must be installed on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. If you do not have automatic application installation on your watch, then open Watch, scroll through the list on the first page, locate clockology beta and install it.

At this point, start the application on the iPhone and start it at the same time also on the Apple Watch. Follow all the instructions that will appear on the screen by clicking on “forward, forward, forward” until you are positioned on the main screen.

Now restart both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. This step is essential in order not to have problems in the following steps. When they come back on, we can continue.

The synchronization of the clockology beta Faces should be automatic with the Apple Watch but unfortunately this is often not the case. So let’s see how to solve the problem and how to force the operation manually.

What to do if Clockology faces dials don’t sync?

The activator that we let you download earlier is just for this. Open clockology faces on iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. The clock screen must remain active!

Now, by keeping the app open on the watch, you will see a button that will unlock the synchronization mode between iPhone and Apple Watch, just what we need to transfer the new clockology faces.

Again, the Apple Watch must have the screen turned on with the application open. Click the synchronize button and wait: an orange icon with a lightning bolt will appear in the upper left part of the Apple Watch screen. It will indicate the synchronization in progress and in a few seconds, the new dial will appear on the screen!

By keeping the clockology faces app open, you will see the current time (really updated) with the animation designed by Apple for the 7 Series. Of course, if you close the app, you will return to your default watch face.

Tricks to leave the clockology beta dial for as long as possible

Open the Watch application on the iPhone, go to Settings> General> Go back to the watch face and set “After one hour”. By doing so, the personalized dial will remain in the background and always set as long as you raise your wrist at least once an hour to make it light up.

If the dial disappears, just press the digital crown to re-enter the screen with all the application icons, and start clockology faces. Basically you won’t have to close it or exit it to have this effect.

Also consider that the custom watch face with clockology beta works only with active screen and not in always-on mode where you will see the classic native dial set on your watch (this applies to Series 5 and 6).

The app is a kind of experiment and is really very interesting also because it includes a theme builder that allows users to create new watch faces even if, alas, they will never be native like Apple’s. The potential is infinite and Clockology boasts a Community with over 400,000 subscribers who publish their works on the Facebook group.