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My Favorite Gadget that Actually Makes Kids Helpful

My Favorite Gadget that Actually Makes Kids Helpful Because I can only have them organize the Tupperware so many times. There are some super blah kitchen jobs we give kids. Set the table. Make the place cards at holiday gatherings. Fold the kitchen towels, again. They’re “please don’t break anything” jobs and kids know it. […]

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Tomboy Girlfriend | KT TV

Shopping for anyone in general can be hard. I hope this video helped if you didn’t know to buy for the girls out there that have tomboyish girlfriends. Hope you guys enjoy this video and many more we have to come, it only gets better from here. Like, comment and subscribe to our channel to […]

MY BIRTHDAY WISHLIST 2020!! *gift ideas for teenage girls!*

This video is my birthday wish list 2020! These gifts can also be ideas if you’re looking for what to put on your wish list or gift ideas for your friends! The gifts include: hair clips, lipglosses, vouchers, money, theatre tickets, kit bags, succulent plants, make up & make up brushes, bath bombs, bath salts […]

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