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1972 Honda CT engine rebuild pt2

It all started with a tapping noise that drove me crazy to the point of tearing this engine down. Follow along on this rebuild and see and learn together. source tobacco grinder amazon

Chattanooga Street Photos with .Phil Thach , my trusty Fuji XT3, and Phil's 55mm Fujinon lens!

Let’s go on a photo walk with .Phil Thach and now, Miss Heather as well, for some fun and photos in the Walnut Street Bridge area of downtown chattanooga. We take a mix of cameras from my Fuji XT3 to Phil’s Nikon Z50 and Heather’s Nikon D7100, to capture a whole host of photos in […]

Approaching the Scene 070: Gifts for Photographers

(Links Below) Here’s a list of cool gifts any photographer will love that won’t break the bank. I’ve had a fantastic year of photography adventures both with my … source nikon camera gift ideas